Have you heard of PicMonkey??  It’s an online picture editing program and I love it.  My daughter, Kalissa, introduced it to me…best thing yet, it’s FREE..gotta love free!

Here’s an example of what it can do.  Here’s my original picture….

It’s fine but I need to jazz it up a bit as it’s the featured photo for my Moda Bake Shop project.

A few tweaks here and there and I had this in a matter of two minutes.

 If you are looking for an online photo editing program, this is definitely one to check out.

I had never used it before and honestly two minutes was all it took for me to figure this out.  There were no sign ins and passwords to remember.  It was SO easy!!

Free AND user friendly….that’s perfect in my book.  I am giving PicMonkey two great big thumbs up!

8 thoughts on “PicMonkey”

  1. Thanks Jo for sharing this site with us. I went and figured some of it out but i sure wish i had a neighbor with children like you have that could guild me through the computer….lol Will learn more as I go….this is a fun site and I like that it is free. Thanks Much!!

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