Picking Siding Colors

Yesterday Hubby came in the house and said we were going to go pick out siding.  No notice…just a declaration.  Well that put me in a tizzy.  I had thought about it but we hadn’t come up with any kind of a decision.  Then I though how can we stand there in front of people and decide.  I am just not good at decisions like that.

We jumped into the truck and off we went.  Actually we took the long way to get there stopping at a vacant house that people we know own that they have plans to tear down.  We were hoping we might be able to salvage something from it.  I just hate going in abandon homes..it gives me the creeps but I did and the house does have flooring that we could use.  Roger is going to contact them and check on a price.  Then we stopped at the Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg.  It’s the nicest place and they have the BEST TRUFFLES EVER!!  If you’re ever wanting to stay a night in this area, it’s awesome.  They make wine there too.

Then it was time for the siding.  Here’s what we have to choose from…..


I know the picture isn’t the best but I tried…

It turns out the price of siding is going up 6% the first week in March so- no- we didn’t need to tell him what colors on the spot…we could think about it over the weekend.  AHHHH  a huge sigh of relief.

I am not interested in any type of tan.  So many people in our area have tan and I just don’t want it.

Remember when we are done, the house will look like this…


I can live with the color as is but I still don’t love the tan.  Both of us like the red in the upper portion of the peaks and like the white trim.

As we drove home we looked at a few houses…most were tan or white so it wasn’t much help.  We finally came upon one we did like a lot.  It was getting dark and we were a bit away from the house but it was either the graphite or river bend color that is on the bottom left of the color swatches.

I was shocked.  When we first started looking at siding I know I remember Hubby saying that her didn’t want anything dark.  I did so I sigh and decided not to fight it.  In the end, he likes what I like…HURRAH!!

So what color did we pick??  I’m still not sure.  Hubby is going to call the contractor.  He sided the house that we like.  Whatever the contractor says, we’re gong to pick.  Then we’ll have white trim and the upper portion in the peaks will be the red color.

With each decision, I’m getting a little more excited.

7 thoughts on “Picking Siding Colors”

  1. I like the graphite that you like, but I also like the lighter color 3 rows up that I think is called graphite grey. Good luck with your choice!

  2. Smart to drive around looking at houses. Drive by the house again this weekend mid day to double check the color. When we found the house painted the right color I knocked on the door and got the brand and color for our house. I like the darker gray in the 2cd row that would give more contrast to the red and maybe make it pop more. It is going to look nice.

  3. I brought the hubby to the computer this morning and he liked what was on the picture. To him it looked like it had a tint of green in it. But after looking more on the swatches he liked
    the darker grey in the second row with the red being the contrast color with white trim. I told
    him we needed to go for a ride to check out this house. Is there any quilt shops between
    Postville and Waucoma? Good luck deciding.

  4. We live in pa. and we chose a light gray. we liked the dark but our contractor cautioned us about the discoloration that might come from salt usage during the winter snows. we chose the lightest gray and are very happy. it also makes our small house look a little larger. thanks for sharing all your plans with us. it is so much fun to see it all come together. great blog Jo, I love reading you everyday

  5. Funny, before reading on, I chose the bottom right for the main part of the house, and row two left side for the trim :) Almost what you went with – I love the addition of the red! Sure am enjoying this journey with you!!! Thanks for letting us remodel with none of the stress!!

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