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How do you pick books?  I find the question kind of interesting.  I’ll admit that lately I’ve done a lot of “reading a book by the cover”.

I was in Wal-mart and saw a couple books that looked interesting.  I was short on time and I rarely “read” a book anymore.  I mostly listen to them.  That doesn’t stop me from hitting up the book section at Wal-mart or Target though.  I always look and then I snap pictures with my camera.

Hm…looking interesting.

Oh…I haven’t read this Nicholas Sparks book.  I’ll be on the hunt for that one!

This looks like historical fiction.  Goodness knows I love historical fiction.  

Hmm.  This looks historical too.  Ya.  I think I’d try that.

I do like a mystery/investigation type book now and then.

Oh my word.  STOP THE PRESSES!!!  Karin Slaughter has a new book out.  SEE???!!!She is my girl.  I love her.  I always read her books.  I’m going home and I’m checking to see if any of the on line libraries have this.  If not Audible here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to Target.  Hmm…that looks interesting.
I love those two boys on the cover….Hmmm.
Historical again….Have to check that out.

Lisa Wingate.  Hmm.  I’ve liked her books before Prayer Box is a favorite of mine.

I like Lisa Jewell too.  
So once I’m home…I page through the photos I took.  I go to Amazon and check out the reviews and how many stars the books have.  If they have more than four stars, I start my hunt.  First I go to Hoopla, my digital online library.  If they don’t have it I go to my Overdrive on line library.  If I’m still dying to read it then I go to Audible and buy it.

I found at Hoopla:
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter-I reviewed this one on Thursday.
Whiskey and Charlie
My Dear Hamilton
Fly Girls

On my Overdrive Library I found
Tending Roses (which also lead me to a rabbit trail to find Big Stone Gap which I added to my hold list)
The Karen Slaughter book (Darn I’m #56 with five books in circulation-I added myself to the hold list)

I didn’t end up going to Audible.  I’m sure they have whatever is left that I want.  For now, I’m going to jump into the books from Hoopla.  Those are free and available immediately.  YA-HOO!!  Looks like I have some good reading, or rather listening, in store for me.

So if anyone wants to read- or listen along, the next books I’ll likely be reviewing are the ones listed in the Hoopla listing.

Curious minds want to know…how do you choose your books?

If you need other ideas for picking books, Mary over at Country Threads has a list complied by her readers of their favorite books.  Find that here.

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  1. Book bloggers are a good source if you find some with the same tastes you have. Magazine/newspaper reviews. Amazon — find a book you like, then browse the selections underneath where it shows the books that people who bought your original book also bought.

  2. I’ve gotten out of the habit of listening and reading books. But when I read one of your reviews, I’ll check to see if the local library has it. So, call me lazy. I just go by your reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I definitely recommend “Fly Girls.” I go by reviews I’ve read like yours and sometimes just by the description from the library email that I get. Other times, I have finished a book and will follow the series.

  4. Good question, how do I choose books? I’ve read a couple you reviewed. I happened upon some via magazine reviews. I will read other books by authors I liked. And quite often I have found authors/books by searching for online books that are “available now”. My favorite, going to my library and browsing. I get my needlework and quilting books first, then walk down the fiction aisles.

  5. There is a very small Wal-Mart and no Target in my town so most of my books come from looking at what is on the best seller list on Amazon and the new book shelf at my local library. I have favorite authors and I look at my local online library for their new releases. Our newspaper has the NY bestsellers listed in the weekend editions and I find books there sometimes. I prefer to read than listen to books.

    Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter was very good. The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine was pretty good too. Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate was heart breaking but good and is based on actual events in US history. I read Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue and felt part of the story line was missing. It left me feeling frustrated by the decisions the author had the characters make. In a different vein was The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnusson. I read it on a 2 hour flight. It opened my eyes to clearing the cutter from my home and not leaving the mess for my children. But since I had recently cleared out my parents house I had motivation!

  6. I took at look at Mary’s list of favorite authors and books to read. If you are having trouble keeping track of your books, and you have an iPad, you might want to take a look at Book Crawler. It lets you create a database of the books you have read, and you can sort the database by title or author. It lets you download the titles that an author has written, and then you can mark which ones you have read.

  7. Susan from Kentucky

    I get a newsletter daily from Amazon for books on Kindle. Some days I don’t look at it, but other days I do and select a book. Most of them are free. I have quite a library stored now on my Kindle. I really like Haunted House or scary-type books, but read some Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance and Fantasy. I choose by reading the synopsis of the book and whether it has good reviews. At the moment, I am reading a book about Mary Todd Lincoln. It’s a book I’m having a hard time keeping going on. It skips around a lot. I’m determined to finish it out now that I’ve started it, though.

  8. I use Goodreads. It helps me keep track of books I have read and books I want to read. I find their recommendations pretty spot on. I have a readable book and an audible book going constantly. I love listening to books in the car, while I am cooking, cleaning, or sewing. My favorite is a book where I get lost in the characters and story.

  9. I go to Costco a lot and buy my books there. The price is good. I have many book apps on my iPad & phone. Although I can purchase & read, I am like a friend who likes the feel of a real book in her hands.
    I also belong to Goodreads. You can keep track of your books you have on your shelves as well as the ones you have read. They send you newsletters & updates from authors you like. You can also keep in touch with friends you may have using this app also.
    Let’s face it…once a reader, always a reader. I must admit, I only read at night before bed as I usually have too many things going on in the day. Therefore I am a bit slow getting through a book.

  10. I just browse Hoopla or Axis 360 for the fiction genres and authors I like. I mostly choose books from Hoopla, because the local library doesn’t have many choices on Axis 360. Ohhhhhhhhh, I so miss Florida. Our local library was part of the Tampa Bay Consortium. There were so many ebooks I could get from there, I’d never get any quilting done. Maybe I’ll have to start trying the audible books… I’ll be looking for the ones you mentioned! Our granddaughter LOVES Nicholas Sparks — may be a great Christmas Present.

  11. Big Stone Gap is the start of a trilogy, if I remember right. I am a huge fan of Adrianna Trigiani and can’t wait for next book to be published. You pick books like I do, although, sometimes one of them jumps in the cart and comes home with me. :)

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