Photo Transferring and Facebook Tricks

If you don’t use Facebook, all of this might not make sense to you…if you do and you’re a blogger, you might find this interesting.

From the time I started blogging to now, things have changed.  At first I always had a camera and was always scrambling to find it.  I hooked up the camera to the computer and transferred pictures.  It took a lot of time to organize and get them blog ready.

Now days…I use my smart phone.  All of my pictures are taken on my smart phone.  From there I used to send them in the Messenger program to Kelli.

messengerSending photos via Messenger is instant.  Often times I would be upstairs taking a picture of something..I’d send it to the computer and it would show up before I got downstairs.  I love it.

I do all my editing of pictures on my phone.  It’s made managing pictures so much easier.

If I go somewhere with Hubby I sometimes sit in the car and wait for him.  Often I edit photos and send them to the computer via Messenger and the photos are there and ready for me when I get home.

But then…I ran into a problem.  
I take LOTS and LOTS of photos for the blog.  I was Messaging them to Kelli’s messenger account.  Our “conversation” ended up being FULL of photos.  It was annoying.  Then if she was in class and her phone would be on vibrant, it would go crazy dinging and dinging as she got notifications that I was sending photos, none of which she needed to see.

Transferring photos any other way was time consuming.  That’s when I decided that Kelli and I would start a “fake” Facebook account.  So now, Ruby has a Facebook account.  Yep.  My dog has a Facebook account in her name….


Here’s what we do with it.
1- Now the photos are messaged to Ruby’s account.
2-All those recipes that I see on Facebook that I want to find back one day, I post them to Ruby’s wall.
3-Anything I want to remember I send it to Ruby’s account.

My account doesn’t get loaded down with all of that.
My friends don’t see everything I’m posting and saving.
Kelli’s phone doesn’t ding every time I am blogging and sending pictures.


The other day I was talking to Kalissa and she was transferring some pictures and out of curiosity I asked her how she was doing it thinking that maybe she had a different way that might work.  She smiled at me and said…”to Ruby’s account”.  Well I guess I was found out by her.  She figured out my trick.

It works great for us.  Kelli uses the account too.  It’s gotten to be a bit of a dumping place and work space for us.  I love it and couldn’t be happier to have it.

4 thoughts on “Photo Transferring and Facebook Tricks”

  1. I never wanted a Facebook account while I was teaching. I knew too many teachers who had gotten into trouble because of their account. I’m beginning to think it might be helpful to have one now that I am retired. I’ll have to get my daughter to show me how to do that. Smart idea for a “Ruby” account!

  2. Hi Jo!
    A bit off topic here, but I’d be very interested in ordering some leggings from your niece, Ariel McGinnis. I opened a Facebook account and sent her a friend request. If you have any connection with her, please let her know this. I’m not the most adept at Facebook, so I’ll watch for some updates on my email. Thanks!! I’d rather not have to even use Facebook if possible. Keep me posted. Thanks! Once again, you have a wonderful website! I want a pair of these leggings now. :)

  3. Jo, I send those things to myself in a FB private message, but I do like your idea. I told my cat, Kyra, and she is jealous of Ruby having her own account, so I’ll be opening one for Kyra this morning, but I’ll have to be monitoring it closely. I don’t want her doing any “catting around” and getting into trouble behind my back. :-)

  4. Way to find a work around that actually works for you! I know you have an Android phone, so I assume you also have a Gmail account for backup purposes. In case you don’t know – you can turn on the instant upload feature and all your photos taken on your smartphone (and ones saved…you get to pick which folders) get backed up to Google photos. Android users get unlimited space for photos. My husband and I also have a sjared Dropbox account that uploads our phone photos. You eventually will run out of room in a free account, but I like it for easy sharing between the two of us. The more photo backups, the better, I say!

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