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Over a month ago I was at a garage sale.  There was a box there full of pictures.  They were studio pictures.  The owner said that they were from the Glenco Minnesota area.  He said they were from the the early 1900’s with a few going to WWII time and a few dating into the late 1800’s.

That peeked my interest.  My mom’s family lived in the Glencoe Minnesota area over that time.  I asked the guy how much he wanted for the box of photos.  He asked, “The whole box?’  I said yes…he debated and then said, “Aw…$5”.  I decided to buy them.  I was hoping that there might be a picture of my family in them.

I was shopping with Kayla.  I ended up at her house after shopping so I took the box into her house and we started sorting through the pictures.  Sadly, none looked my relatives, but then again, how would I know for sure.

What I did find was LOTS of studio pictures from either Birkland photography studio in Hutchinson

or Daniels Studio in Glencoe Minnesota.

Many pictures seem to be from a Gordon Jungclaus family in Brownton, MN.  Here is one of “The old Jungclaus Farm.”

There are LOTS of family pictures.  This is the Henry Dunsmore family.

…another family…this one is older I’m sure.

…a wedding picture…

I have confirmation class pictures from 1896, 1900, 1902, 1906 as well as a few other years.

This confirmation picture is labeled on the back.

Here is another confirmation picture…this one from 1896…see?

again a listing of names on the back.

There are many other photos in the box.  I have a medium/large box FULL.  Some are small baby pictures….others larger.

I don’t want the photos….I had my entertainment with them looking at the large families, seeing the dress of the times and now I am planning on passing them on to one of the thrift stores.  There is one where I regularly see family pictures at.  Before I did pass them on I thought I would make one last effort to see if anyone wanted them.  I am in contact with the McCleod County Historical Society and have asked if they are interested in them.  I happily give them away…I so wish there was someone who wanted them.

For me, if this was my family in these pictures I would so treasure them.  I feel terrible taking them to the thrift store but alas, I can’t keep someone else’s history.  I’m trying to keep mine and that is a struggle.

I thought I’d put something out here on the blog.  Maybe someone who reads the blog would be from that area.  Maybe someone might recognize some old family names.  I know if it were me and my family’s pictures were out there somewhere, I would like a chance on having them….so in light of that, I wrote this post….if anyone wants these and is willing to pay for postage to get them to you, they are yours.  Drop me an email at

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  1. If the historical society doesn’t want them, try the local library, libraries often have local history collections and might be interested. The other option might be an article in the local paper, offering the photos free to relatives or interested parties.

    On a related note, the funeral homes in our area have extensive collections of local area high school yearbooks and readily accept donations of them.

  2. I agree about the local libraries. Also, if you (or someone you know) use any of the sites like or the DNA sites, you might post the names of the larger families referenced there. It seems likely some long lost relative would see it and have an interest, or maybe even FB, especially if that community has a FB page.

  3. Wow these are valuable pictures for sure. I’m sure the historical society or library will take them. I hope they do, because these are valuable for genealogy purposes. You can also scan them and make them available on sites such as Also, there are artists who also use them, like Susan Lenz.

  4. I will take them if no one else has. Hope to find a genealogy group or a family member of one of those names. I like genealogy as much as I like quilting!

  5. If you want to take the time…check…free sight and may give you some connections to these people…ie I checked gordon jungelaus and came up with a lot of “hits”…good luck, wish they were mine…

  6. What a treasure. I always wondering how they end up in thrift stores. I hope my family keeps ours

  7. Bonnie Lippincott

    Wow! What a find. As the genealogist in the family, it really makes me want them! But I don’t have any relatives in MN. I do belong to and I looked up the name Jungclaus and found a family with that name in it. I hope it’s okay, I sent him an ancestry message and told him/her about them and gave your email address.

    If no one wants them . . . I might want them. It depends on how heavy the box is. I would try to find families that would want them.

    I would check to see if a local Mormon Church would like them. They do a lot of research and take old pictures.

    Bonnie Lippincott

  8. Reading how you are searching for relativies or the “right place” for these photos brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jo.

  9. I’m an archivist at the Missouri Historical Society. There are several photography studio collections at our research center and to have identified photos is a dream. Since these photos are from Minnesota, I recommend contacting the Minnesota Historical Society, they have a huge facility and make lots of their collections available online. If for some reason they do nof want them, they will be able to recommend another archives in that area of the state.

  10. I agree with some of the others about I am a member and it would be so nice to find even a few of the families that belong to those pictures. A thrift store is likely to just throw them out. I dont have the time but a few others have offered to take them. A Geneologist would have a lot of fun on the hunt. And, there might even be a pic of John Wayne in the mix. You never know. Are the high schools still in operation? Carol

  11. I love that you are trying to reconnect the pictures with the family. Thankfully, they have names on them I have some old photos of my family, although they are not well labeled. I wish mom and grandma had gotten them out and told us about them while they could.

  12. I’m so glad you’re trying to do this. My husband is from Hector, MN and we found lots of stuff when cleaning out his mother’s house…one booklet that the Hector Historical Society didn’t have and had written the author’s relatives who didn’t even have a copy. Now Hector is a very small farming town (you’ve probably been through if you’ve been to Glencoe) but they do have a small historical society and were thrilled to receive the things we found. Hope this works out because so many of these little farming communities are dying. On another note, my husband was born in Hutchinson. Small world!

  13. Such an interesting post, with interesting comments too. I’m glad these photos will go to someone who will appreciate them.

  14. A friend of mine would buy old photos and called them her instant relatives! I, Love to really look at all the old photos and check out the shoes, earrings, and clothes.

  15. Jo, I love your heart. If no one seems interested in the photos, use them as tickets for asking price at White Barn Sales or other endeavors. Great way to recycle old photos coupled with interest for the buyer.

    1. Bonnie Lippincott

      Luckily there are a few of us that will take them and hope to find the owners. I’d hate to see them tossed or used for something else.

  16. Jo – You might contact the Minnesota Historical Society. Here is their address and telephone number.
    Minnesota Historical Society
    345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
    St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-259-3000 • 800-657-3773
    There is also a form on their Web site to contact them.

  17. You possess such a kindness to all. Thank you. I am glad Bonnie L that will take them to follow the thread. Your kindness comes out in your blog-it’s why I’m sure I’m not the only reader from far off who has never been near a farm-

    1. I don’t have the photos anymore. I donated them on to the historical society in the area where they were taken. I’m sure they can help you.

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