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I spent early December frantically sorting through pictures that were on the computer and on my phone because I had an idea to make photo books for each of my childcare families.  It’s so hard to get something that everyone will like and something that is equal for each family.  I know that Kalissa had made a photo book and used it as her guest book for the wedding so I asked her about it and she said it wasn’t hard.

I thought it would be the perfect gift.  Parents don’t have a lot of extra time to do these things for their kids and parents often don’t even know all the things we do here in a day.  I think the books will help bridge that.  I also think grandparents will like seeing them as some of my kiddos grandparents have never been here and this way they can see our day to day life here.

I was nervous about putting the books together but finally went to Shutterfly thinking I was too late to get the books but I wasn’t so for the next three nights after childcare all I did was make supper and create photo books.


They are SO easy to do.  You can make them as simple or as complex as you want.  I chose to do an ABC book.  It’s an option that they have there for you to just click and load the photos into.  Once in while they had things that didn’t fit in.  For example the D page said “D is for Donuts”.  Well I didn’t have a single picture that would fit in.  I took the custom options for $5.99 per book more and that then allowed to move shapes around or change wording.  I have lots of dog picture so our “D” became “D is for Dog”.

I had so much fun putting these together.  The first one took quite awhile but the next two were much easier.  I ended up doing one for each family.  Even with coupons the books were about $25 each which isn’t a lot..but still adds up when I needed to make three.  The kids all got pj’s with beagles on them too.


If you’ve ever thought about doing this but were too afraid to give it a try…don’t be.  You can do it.

I’m a little addicted to now.  I am thinking of making more at some point….it really wasn’t a chore at all.  I would actually like to do one when I am not racing the clock and in a hurry.  I bet I could figure out a lot more things to do that I would like.

hm…I sure wish there was more time in the day so I could tinker with all the things there are to do.

8 thoughts on “Photo Books”

  1. Your photo books are adorable! I’m sure the parents love the albums and appreciate the extra time you put into them after your “normal work day.” I made photo books following my daughter’s wedding for myself and my mom. I spent hours but love the finished albums. Are you going to put your family photos into similar albums next?

  2. Sometimes Jo you bring tears to my eyes and this is one time. You are so loving and thoughtful. I am sure the kiddies families will cherish your wonderful gift.
    I hope you and all your super family have a great holiday and I look forward to continuing to follow your blog.

  3. Great gift! My sister is the photo book maven in the family and she does one for each trip she takes. The best one was the book she made of Mom’s family. All the cousins loved it! Our grandfather was one of five brothers and not everyone had all the old pictures.

  4. I had a caregiver when I was small that became my stand-in grandma because mine were far away. She was a lot like you, she treated me just as she did her own child. I think it meant more to my parents than anything to know I was being looked after by someone that cared that much. I rather expect that your little ones and their parents were bowled over by such a great glimpse into their lives when they are away from each other. Beautifully done.

  5. They turned out great!! I, too, love the Shutterfly books. I made them for my grandchildren last year. They still enjoy looking at them to remember our summer trip together. The first book I made was a book of all my completed quilts and other items I have made. I give most of my quilts away, so it is a fun way to look back and remember them. If you save the coke brand bottle caps, be sure to check out the rewards catalog fir a great deal for a shutterfly book, all I paid was shipping and handling. Merry Christmas, Jo and Family!

  6. Don’t respond much but read everyday. Two of my nieces each have young families – 6 little kids between them A few years ago I started making them slideshows as a present every year. They give me all their pics from their phones and computer from previous year and I make them a slideshow with music. They love them. On Christmas night after all the hullabaloo we all sit and watch them on their tv. Gets the photos out of cameras and phones so everyone can enjoy them

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