Photo Bomb

We’ve been having some fun around here…Not really anything that’s worth a blog post individually so I thought I would throw a bunch of photos together into one post.

Carver, my grandson, had swimming lessons last week. I took him two of the days. Gannon played in the splash pad while Carver was at lessons.

You might remember that Gannon used to HATE getting his picture taken. Now, he loves it and runs to the camera. You will see the change as you look a the following pictures.

The next day of lessons, Kelli and her kids along with my great niece Dawn came to the splash pad with us.

Now it’s Emmett, Kelli’s son, that doesn’t like the camera.

Hopefully, he’ll come around to get his picture taken as Gannon has.

Then there is Kelli’s son Eli who won’t even go near the water. He’s a little more shy and unsure…at least about new things. When he’s at home or at my house…ZERO shyness!!

When we got back to my house we set up the slip and slide. I bought one last year off the clearance rack. WHAT A PAIN IN THE BOTTOM to set up!! It took Kelli about 45 minutes to set it up. The directions were TERRIBLE! The kids had fun though. Even more, fun after we put dish soap on the slide. The slide was so much faster!!

Here’s a picture that might make you chuckle. Georgia wanted Uncle Karl to play “rester-naut”. Georgie can’t say restaurant and somehow makes it half sound like restaurant and astronaut mixed together as the word. Uncle Karl was supposed to dress up like this and go to the rester-naut. It was so funny. Karl is so nice and plays along with it all.

Speaking of Georgia playing. She was so happy with the farm she built with my blocks and asked me to take a picture of it.

Some other happenings…
I was a nice mom and made cakes for Karl to take to work for the work potluck.

One of the cakes was my Raspberry Zucchini cake. Find the recipe HERE. Karl said everyone at work raved about it and wanted the recipe. He sent them all to THIS BLOG POST. He teased me saying he sent so much traffic to my blog post in order to “pay for my time” to make the cake. HA!!

He did treat me to pizza and a night out so the cakes were a wonderful swap!! We went to the pizza farm, Luna Valley between Decorah Iowa, and the Minnesota border. It’s a very lovely place. They have made so many improvements this year. It was delightful. You can read about a previous visit HERE.

I had forgot my phone in the car so couldn’t take pictures. Then at the end, I remember that Karl had his phone and stole it long enough to take this picture of an empty pizza box. HA!! The pizza was so good. We ate one and half pizzas!!! The Pig and Fig pizza is my ultimate favorite.

I’ve only been there once this year so far. I, for sure, have to go at least one more time in August (hopefully two times). They are closed for September as the owners are expecting a new baby.

Just an FYI: If you want to go to Luna Valley you do need to make reservations. HERE is a link to their website.

I’ve had some fun times with family over the last week. Buck’s kids are here with me now so you’ll likely get another family photo bomb post next week!!

I hope you’re getting out and doing some fun things too!! Before we know it the snow will fly and our outdoor adventures will come to a halt.

15 thoughts on “Photo Bomb”

  1. I love to see you have so much fun with the grands. It’s been a nice summer. I wanted to mention the book I just received. You had mentioned that some of the Martingale books were on sale. I happened to check that out and bought the book County Seat Quilts. This morning I was paging through and marking the quilts I would like to make when I came across the authors. Julie Hendricksen owns JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie WI. I have been to the store once but need to get there again. She is only about an hour from me. So exciting to see her name. I am going to take the book with me and see if she will sign it. Thanks for the information!!

  2. It is always so fun to see and read about your beautiful family. It always amazes when I see how much each child has grown and matured. Uncle Karl is a great uncle!

  3. Every once in a while I get computer program gibberish when I open one of your tabs. This happened again with the thrifting story. Any idea why that happens? Thanks

    1. If I knew, I surely would fix it. It’s been an ongoing battle. We think we have it fixed and then it happens again.

  4. Interesting, I had zero problems with the thrifting blog, but this photo bomb blog was garbled for me last night, but fine today! It might be easier to solve the issue if everyone had issues with the same post. I probably have 1 post a week that comes garbled.

    1. This is exactly why it’s so hard. We can’t narrow it down to one thing. We try and get zero complaints for several days then wham. We have them back again but don’t know that we’ve done anything different.

  5. Patricia H Evans

    What a wonderful time with your children and grands!! I am especially happy to see the progress that Gannon has made!!
    Did Karl get his kitchen and house completed? You need to take some pictures to show off his accomplishments for us!!
    Get those visits in quickly–it will not be long before the new school year begins.
    Thank you for sharing!!

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