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Each month I highlight a feature of my smart phone and work with U.S. Cellular.  This is one of those posts.

With the holidays coming I know I am starting to think more and more how I am going to tackle them now that I know I am diabetic.  There is a certain sort of sadness to the whole awesome, great meal anticipation knowing I need to be careful and more selective with my choices.  Of course, I won’t be quick as strict as I am day to day but when watching carbs, there are a lot of limitations to a Thanksgiving meal…think stuffing, pumpkin pie, buns, sweet potatoes..all are carb filled.

So what do I do…I make a plan of attack and my phone can help me with that.  I have a Fit Bit and my Fit Bit syncs with my Samsung Galaxy S5.  All of the information and steps that my Fit Bit records can be seen on my smart phone.  Better yet, I can easily grab my smart phone and record my food choices into the Fit Bit app on my phone….

Being I am a newbie to the diabetic diagnosis, I can quickly take my phone and look up the carb count and serving size on a piece of pie, the bun or the stuffing by looking it up on the internet.  It’s really never been easier to pick healthy options.  I’m glad that if I had to be diagnosed that at least I have good tools that make living with the diagnosis easier.

If you don’t have a Fit Bit, it’s not a problem.  There are all sorts of apps out there that you can use to record your meals and exercise.

Kelli is a big fan of the Samsung Health option on her Samsung Galaxy S5.  She can use it to track her workouts, daily intake, and weight levels….honestly, Kelli doesn’t work out but she does walk.  Her phone tracks her steps.  As long as her phone is on her, she doesn’t need a device like a Fit Bit, her phone will count the steps.  How cool is that?? As much as I love my Fit Bit I can honestly say if my Fit Bit breaks I’ll likely just use my phone like Kelli does to record my information.

There are all sorts of other apps that you might like that will help you track your health…It’s just important that we all find what works for us and use it.

It seems that daily there are more and more reasons why the purchase of a cell phone or tablet makes sense.  Who ever knew that a phone could be a computer, a calculator, a flash light, a music player, an audio book player, a GPS, a map, a coupon holder, a pedometer, a health tracker and so much more.  I can’t imagine what is the next thing that my cell phone will replace!

So here’s to a happy holiday season that for me, and hopefully for you too, involves some mindful eating, some exercise, and a whole lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Phone and Fitnes”

  1. My husband is a new diabetic,it does take some time to get it all figured out but we both love the new way we eat. Check out my pinterest board (Kim Paventy) healthy eating.

  2. That is neat! I have an iphone, and I know the fit bit will sync w that, and the Weight Watchers program. It’s possible to lower your wt, and get those carbs in line, to control your diabetes. I know several people who have been able to do that.

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