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Well my cancer stuff isn’t the only thing that’s going to heck with me.  Apparently my blood sugar decided to get wild on me too.  I had a fasting blood test a bit ago and slowly my numbers have been creeping up so sadly, it’s time to add some meds.

I got a message from my doctor that said she was wanting me to start a medication called Jardiance.  I’d seen that advertised and decided that I’d go with it.  I’ve been fighting with my blood sugar for awhile now and I’m giving up the fight on this one.

So Jardiance it is…

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In the note my doctor also wrote, “If the cost is an issue, let me know.”

Well that had me wondering.  Ugh…I have Obamacare from the Affordable Care Act.  I’m self employed and on my own.  I am so thankful for it.  No one would ever want to insure me with all of my issues.

I decided to call to the pharmacy and see what the cost would be.  Well…it was over $1100 for three months.  OH MY WORD.  Yep, I’m probably not filling that one.  Seriously, that is TOO MUCH!!  I told the gal not to bother filling it.  I am not affording that.  There has to be something other medicine that could help.

Before I called my doctor and had her prescribe something else, I decided to go online and see if there might be a coupon or some discount.  I went to Google and typed in the name of my medicine and the word coupon.  So I typed, “Jardiance Coupon”.  There were a couple places that offered coupons.  I went with the one from

The site said… “Eligible patients pay as little as $0”.  Well that sounded too good to be true.  I’ve tried these coupons in the past-before they came out with the $4 and $10 prescriptions.  All of my prescriptions now fall into those categories so I haven’t worried about coupons.  I’d had some luck with medicine coupons before so I thought I’d give it a try.

So with fingers crossed and coupon in hand, I called WalMart Pharmacy.  I told them I was the gal that had previously called in.  I asked it they would run the prescription with the coupon  information had and she did.

Guess what??  I will be paying the $0.  It’s not too good to be true!!

Can you believe that??  Why is it that way?  I am so very thankful but I am also frustrated.  I am smart.  I know to look.  How many other people know to look for a coupon?  I’m sure some of you who are reading this do not know about coupons.  So…do me a favor, tell people about my story.  If you are with friends, tell them.  We really need people to know.  It’s a shame that some people are likely struggling to try to pay the $1100 that they originally told me it would cost and cutting other things from their life because of the high cost.  I can’t imagine making the choice between food and medicine.  I know people -many who are on fixed incomes- face this.  Please help me be a voice and tell people if their medicine isn’t affordable, go to Google and type in -the name of the medication-and the word “coupon”.  Something is bound to come up.

So…I am starting on my new meds and pay zero dollars for them….Let’s hope they do the trick.

UPDATE:  After I wrote this post, Kalissa went to pick up the medicine.  It was going to be $260.  WHAT??  This wasn’t what I was told.  So I told her not to get it.

At nap time I called the pharmacy and asked what was up.  I was told it would be $0.  UGH.  The gal on the phone said it was all wrong and that it indeed would be $260.  I asked her to run it without my insurance and see if that changed it.  It didn’t.  I told her about my coupon again.  No difference.  I asked to run what a 30 day prescription would be.  She said, “Mame, the $260 is for a 30 day prescription.”  WHAT???  I asked to run it as a 90 day prescription.  The cost was $230.  WHAT???

I stopped and asked:
“So let me get this right… a 30 day prescription is $260 and a 90 day prescription is $230?”  She said yes and was also VERY surprised.  UGH.  I don’t understand.  This is all ridiculous.

So I called the number Jardiance had listed to their help line….Nope…that was going to be the cost.  UGH.

So the question now was…did I want to pay $230 for the 90 day prescription.  I’m sure my doc could find a different medicine.  I decided I’d try the Jardiance and see if it made a difference.

So…I went to my computer.  I printed EVERY Jardiance coupon I could find.  I think there were 5 total.  Karl was going to WalMart on Saturday so I sent all of the coupons with him.  I attached a note and wrote, “Please do what you can with these coupons to make my Jardiance the most affordable as possible”.

Karl came home…the meds were $150 for 90 days.

Seriously…my meds went from…
over $1100
to zero
to $260 for a 30 day supply
to $230 for a 90 day supply
to $150 for a 90 day supply

The moral of the tale…
When it comes to medicine, be persistent.  Look for coupons.  Try both the 30 day and 90 day options.

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  1. The price of medication is crazy and the pharmaceutical companies like to jerk us around. What’s worse is that doctors have no clue as to what medications cost. Patients have to look out for themselves.

  2. Oh, Jo. Don’t get me started. Thank you for writing this and bringing it to the attention of your readers. That’s all I am going to say. You did a great job and a good service to others to write about this. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Gayle Shumaker

    Jo, check with your doctor if there is a patient assistance program for the Jardiance. Patient Assistance is different than the coupon program as the med is sent to you by the company. If your doctor doesn’t know then possibly a nurse at the hospital that does follow up with discharged patients or your local Commission on Aging. There is no cost for patient assistance program.

  4. Was the Dx done with only on BS test? How high was it? With the unknown site of the cancer, maybe the new med is not needed or more should be done first.

  5. Back in 1992 when I was diagnosed with MS the meds cost $1250 a month …my dr put me on a clinical trial program thru the company to be a “guinea pig” . Don’t know if you could find out if there are any like that out there for this drug. I don’t honestly know how anyone can afford to need meds… It’s a shame that drugs needed for ones life cost you everything you make.

  6. Try GoodRx We save a ton on my daughter’s prescription. For her 3 month supply it was going to be $280 after insurance with the GoodRx deal we paid $39 for 3 months. Download the app and then type in the medication and dosage you are prescribed. It will come up with varying prices on your local pharmacies. It was amazing! Good luck and I’m sorry you dealing with one.more.thing ;c(

  7. Katherine Gourley

    My husband is on Jardiance. Usually it is prescribed as a second line medication when other first line medications do not work. I am a nurse and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years. The reason you are paying $0 is because the pharmaceutical companies have programs to adjust costs of drugs based on patients’ income. My husband pays $40 per month for his prescription.

    Some companies use a coupon system and other companies have you fill out a form that is signed by the prescribing physician.. You would be amazed by how many patients never make the effort to check out these discount programs and never ask the pharmacies or doctors to help them. So many people complain about the cost of drugs, but never look at all of the ways to get price relief. It takes years to get a drug to market and costs millions to billions for all the studies. Some insurance companies cover the drugs and others don’t.

  8. What a shock, Jo! All too common though. If you like this med then your doctor may be able to help, as suggested here by others. I know from my friend who is a pharmacist that she can sometimes work on getting the cost down, through coupons as well, if patients ask.
    I wanted to tell you I made the creamy ravioli soup tonight. Family loved. Fun to serve something new. No raviolis in my freezer so I just cooked pasta separate to add to each bowl. Also made due with ONLY 16 oz of half and half. Haha!

  9. I’m not a medical person but I thought most folks start with something like metformin when first needing medication. Jariance is a newer medication so that’s why it’s so expensive, there aren’t any generic choices. Maybe your doctor could change it unless there is a reason it was prescribed first. I always get suspicious when doctors prescribe the newer meds and don’t try the tried and true ones first.

  10. Check out Good Rx. You sign up for the site and then whenever you are prescribed a medication, look it up with the exact amount and how the prescription is written and it will pull up all the prices for local pharmacies. Then tell your pharmacy and bring your good Rx card with you or show them the coupon on the phone.

  11. MOST doctors start diabetics on METFORMIN. Its been around forever and is cheap. I have had type 2 for over 30 years after surgery left me diabetic. I started with Metformin and still take it. Surprised your doctor doesn’t have you take that first. And, one thing I have learned after being diabetic for over 30 years is diet is the best way other than exercise to help control diabetes. Sometimes it pays to ask doctors about drugs.

  12. Thanks for posting this, Jo. I am wondering if you have been taking cholesterol medication. It has been proven to cause Diabetes in women (and I believe it causes it in men, too). My husband took cholesterol meds for years and ended up with Type I AND Type II diabetes. The Endocrynologist said it is very unusual to have both–especially with no family history of Type I and he didn’t get it until he was 64! Having both types of Diabetes makes for very expensive medications (yes, one of them is Jardiance). I, too, think that maybe your doctor can get it cheaper for you…certainly worth asking!

  13. We went thru that recently with Mother in Law’s Elequis, a blood thinner. She is 87 and wants to do everything herself and seeing how she was jerked around was heartbreaking. Warfarin would have been much cheaper but the constant blood testing would have made her life so difficult and she had gone thru Dad using Warfarin and refused.

    Our system is broken.

  14. Many times, the pharma rep, can work with your doctor’s office to get the best cost to you.
    Glad you were successful with the coupons.

  15. Oh My! Isn’t it ridiculous the prices for medication? I’m happy you found it for an inexpensive price, compared to what it could have been. I imagine there are many in our country going without. Thank you for letting us know and I will pass it along.
    Love and prayers

  16. Wow, that’s some crazy price changes. I have never heard of GoodRx before so I learned something new by reading all the comments. Thanks Jo for sharing

  17. Thank you for the research Jo. It might help someone. I just dont understand why drug costs have to be so high.

  18. Patricia Boelens

    Jo, I would encourage you to follow up with your doctor when you go to refill this prescript. The coupon for Jardiance manufacturer may only be good on the first filling. Then when you go to refill in 90 days you may have to find another method or coupon or such. I don’t know this for sure for your med, but that is what happened with mine. That is why I encourage you to follow up with your doctor. She may be able to help you. Take care of yourself as best you can. Long distance hugs to you.

  19. Jo, I am a retired RN and used to run a community program that accessed prescription assistance programs for people. Please ask your doctor is he/she has samples first….my husband takes Januvia and we have gotten samples from the doctor for the past 2 years. Next go to the maker of Jardiance website and access their prescription assistance program yourself and call or download the form. There are usually income limitations, but if you meet the criteria and it is usually liberal…then fill out the form and take to your doctor to fill out their section and then send it in. I have a friend you is 95 and didn’t ever sign up for Part D and through Rx Assistance we have gotten her Eliquis free.

  20. Jo, my Husband had the option of taking what we call the “new Fangled” drugs after metformin wasn’t cutting it or going on a little insulin. Giving himself a nightly injection was a bit daunting but not that difficult and it is amazing what just that little amount of insulin has done for his A1C. It is so much less expensive with far fewer unknown side effects. Not fancy not new – just tried and true.

  21. For all those who comment recommending other diabetic meds – be aware that Jo’s Dr prescribed this particular one taking into account Jo’s other health conditions. Jo do discuss this with your Dr. Coming from Australia I cannot imagine how stressful it would be to have to hunt around for coupons for what are essential treatments. Wishing you well Jo.

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