Perfecting My Smile…

Our daughter Kayla and her husband just got a new puppy.  You can read more about him over at Kayla’s blog.

It’s a 7 week old yellow lab that they have named Bruce.

They picked him up after work and she called to tell me.  Then she proceeded to tell me that she was going to set the alarm and get up with him every three hours….I just smiled.  I told Hubby and we both just smiled.

It wasn’t that long ago, in fact just last November, that Ruby was a puppy.  I remember the late night walks trying to tire her out.  I remember the getting up in the night…the whining in the kennel…I remember it all quite vividly.  I remember being completely and totally pooped out for weeks because I didn’t get regular sleep.  Finally Hubby and I got in a plan that he would take her out and feed her when he went got up to go work at 5am.  Then he would kennel her in the downstairs kennel.  I remember being so thankful for any more than six hours of continuous sleep.  Our kids who didn’t live at home didn’t understand that I was a little cranky.  They didn’t understand what I was talking about when I said that I hadn’t slept.  It was totally worth it but there is a reason puppy’s are so darn cute.  It gets an owner through the lack of sleep.

Kayla called the next morning…apparently Bruce didn’t wake every three hours…apparently he didn’t just lay down in his kennel and go to sleep right away.  I just smiled.

I think that’s a smile I should probably perfect because I am guessing if I am ever a grandma, it’s one I’ll need.

3 thoughts on “Perfecting My Smile…”

  1. Bruce is soooooo cute! I am partial to labs though as I have 2 of my own. When they were pups I put a pair of those animal head slippers (popular several years ago) or several large stuffed animals in the playpen they stayed in at night. That worked wonders for me. I am guessing that snuggling next to the slippers/animals felt like they were with litter mates and comforted them. Good luck to Kayla on getting some sleep.

  2. My “trick” to getting a good night’s sleep with new puppies is to get 2 from the same litter! They have each other and sleep like little angels. I am pretty sure it doesn’t work like this for human twins, though!
    Happy Quilting!

  3. Grandpuppies are perfect training for future parents-to-be (and for the doting grammas!) I’m sure that’s why my kids put off having my beloved grandchildren a little longer!

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