Pepper Jelly

Yesterday…I made a batch of jalapenopepper jelly and lastnight, we tested it out.  YUMMMY!
Here in northeast Iowa, we had a hard freeze at the end of last week which ended the garden growing season.  My daughter Kayla was home and she helped me pick the peppers and the remaining tomatoes I wanted to save-boy was it cold doing that.  Now, we have peppers everywhere…..(this is no exaggeration) We have one heaping laundry basket and two five gallon buckets full of peppers. 

I have been peddling them off to everyone we can think of who might want some but still have more than plenty left.  We’ve had fljitas, stuffed jalepenos and I’ve added them to the omelets, the soup and the pizza we’ve had….so I had to resort to something that would use even more peppers and that’s how the pepper jelly came about.

I simply followed the recipe on the inside of the Sure Jel box for pepper jelly.  Then tonight our daughter Kalissa softened cream cheese, poured some jelly over the top and WA-LA…what an easy delicious appetizer.  Some friend of ours make it and they pour it over pork loin.  That is awesome too!

There are 24 more half pints down on the basement shelves just waiting to be used.  I was thinking about making another batch so that I could give it away to the neighbors and as incidental gifts for Christmas.  With the red and green peppers in the jelly, it reminds me of Christmas.

We are still loaded down with pepers so if you know of any other pepper recipes….send them my way.

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