Pauline’s Goodies Put to Use

This morning I told you about a fun box of strips that Pauline sent me.

The box had come in Tuesday’s mail and I spent that evening checking out the goodies and making plans.

Remember I was telling you we have lots of weddings this year….well that’s been in the back of my brain.  I keep thinking and thinking of what might be a nice but quick quilt.  (I’m sure many of you can relate.)  Well in the box was a stack of “twosies”…a red and a neutral 2” square sewn together.  I had been paging through Bonnie Hunter’s free patterns when I was looking for a baby quilt and found Emery’s Stars.  I thought I remembered a pattern that had four patches-Bricks and Stepping Stones.

I counted and there were 85 “twosies”.  Well that was enough to entice me into starting (yet another) quilt.  So nap time on Wednesday I cut out all the bricks.  This was a perfect project as there are LOTS of strips in my 3.5″ bucket.  With the pieces already cut into strips in honestly took no time at all to cut the bricks.


Then last night after childcare I grabbed the red and neutral strips and sewed them together.  Pauline had already done part of the work for me so it was a quick sewing session.

This morning in my early morning sewing session I ironed and trimmed my strips.

Tonight I am hoping to sew the “twosies” together.  If I can tackle that, the quilt top will be ready to sew together as there really are no “blocks” to the quilt.

This quilt really can be speedy…I do suspect that sewing the top will take a bit of time to sew together…but nothing hard.

So there you have it…another quilt started….It feels really good to find a home for those pieces from Pauline.  There were blue and green “twosies” too…I think I have a place for the blue ones.  I haven’t measured and  rechecked a pattern for them yet…At least I think they can go in a UFO rather than start yet another a quilt.

I’m excited to be working on this one!!

3 thoughts on “Pauline’s Goodies Put to Use”

  1. You’re a very productive quilter (and they’re always great quilts!), but those weddings seem to have moved you into an even higher gear. Look forward to seeing these all come together.

  2. Yea! Those twosies really needed to find a home. They were leader and enders for some of my quilts. I did make a king quilt for my son-in-law with them. The red and blue twosies were left over from that quilt.

  3. Bricks and Stepping Stones will make nice quilts for gifts. Wedding and or Baby quilts. I honestly don’t know how you get so much done. I really need to get the scrap saver system down pat.

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