Patterns for ME!!

Remember a bit ago I said something about wanting to know when Simplicity patterns went on sale as I wanted to buy a few of the new historic patterns for 18″ dolls.  Well imagine my surprise when I got an email from Christine saying don’t buy the patterns I bought them for you and I’m sending them!

Thanks Christine!!  Thanks so much.  I so appreciate it.  It’s hard for me to drive an hour just to get to a store that handles the patterns.

Thanks also to a four blog readers that alerted me that patterns were on sale.

Thanks to my sister Judy who also bought me the patterns.  Luckily she has others in her life who would also love the patterns.  She has a whole slew of grand daughters who love American Girl dolls.

I have since discovered the website of designer of the historic patterns, Keepers Dolly Duds.  I’m so excited-she just released a new pattern to Simplicity…

Cute right?!?!?

She has another that will be coming out in June.

Bravo to Simplicity for bringing Keepers Dolly Duds into their designing group.  I’m in love!! (photo from Keepers Dolly Duds)

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  1. Makes me wish I had a granddaughter to make them for. I love making doll clothes, some of my very first sewing was to make clothes for our dolls.

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