Patriotic Finish

Just in time for the 4th of July celebration I finished this….
This quilt is actually made using Miss Rosies Schnibble pattern, Lincoln.  Schnibble patterns are typically about 31″ x 31″.  I had four “Nautical” charm packs for Minick and Simpson…these were the first charm packs I ever bought…from about 6 years ago!  There were sitting there waiting for inspiration and Lincoln was just what they needed.  I decided since I had four charm packs, I would just make it four times as big. 

I was quickly cutting the quilt out when I realized I didn’t have enough fabric….no big deal, I would throw in some fabric from my stash….I sewed the blocks, laid them on the floor, and I was short blocks.   If this quilt was going to be 60 by 60, I was really short blocks.   I couldn’t figure out why.  Then it hit me, if each regular quilt needs two charm packs, and I make the quilt 4 times as big, that means I need 8 charm packs.  Well….it was back to my stash of fabric.  I pulled my shirtings, along with reds and blues…and I was cutting and making more blocks.  I quit when the quilt got to be 58″ x 77″. 

I was a wonderful quilt to make.  I just love making star blocks….by far, they are my favorite block.  Hubby’s comment, “Well, that one, I like.”  I have decided that he likes star blocks too….because that what he says if the quilt has star blocks.  If there aren’t star blocks, his standard comment is…  “Cool.” 

It was my intention to give this one away, but, I think it just might have to stay here. 

The backing is some of my Alco fabric that was $3.99 a yard!  I just LOVE a good deal.

The quilting is just a simple stipple with stars…..I have noticed that it is best if I start and finish machine quilting in one session.  This quilt was machine quilted in several settings in a period of about six days.  If I look close, I can see that the machine quilting is a little closer together near the end of the quilt rather than at the beginning of the quilt…It probably isn’t noticable to anyone else unless I tell them….but for the best look, I will try to quilt a whole quilt in one or two settings in an effort to keep the design more consistant. 

If you are a beginning quilter, this would be a great pattern to try.  It’s not difficult and the results are beautiful.  Now I am off to go spend a day off…QUILTING!

14 thoughts on “Patriotic Finish”

  1. I just bought this pattern because I love it so much. I am going to start collecting fat quarters and hopefully get one made for next year.

  2. My complaint with Schnibbles is the size–I like usable-cover-people-up-and-keep-them-warm sized quilts. You just resolved that complaint. OK–I may have to break down and give one a try.

  3. Very nice! That’s a great pattern, and the fabrics are perfect for it. I’m Schnibbling for the first time, and I love it. I may have to try this pattern, too.

  4. ooough those stars are Red, White & BEAUTIFUL! Love it!
    and I love that you made it 4 times larger ;) you will always be glad you did!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. A perfect, simple, and easy design to assemble for a “QUILT OF VALOR”. In Tucson; red, white and blue quilts are given to the patients at the Veterans Hospital. Gratitude from all of us for their service.

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