Patio Tour of My Flowers

After Hubby bought the set of wash tubs that I told you about earlier today, I went to town to purchase flowers.  They were all 50% off and I went a little wild.  This is the patio/fire ring that Hubby’s boss put in last year for us.  Hubby did the landscape blocks around the west side…I did the flowers.


We are going to reseed some of the grass.  In last year’s drought it didn’t all come.  We have plans to redo the steps too.  In this pot is Sun Patients.  My neighbor had some last year and I loved them so I made sure to look for them this year.


Here’s my wash tub.  I over planted it but I love planters full and bushy.  If ends up too full, I’ll just remove a plant and move it to the flower garden.  I can’t wait for the potato vines to start hanging down.


With the left over plants I put in another planter on the table.  These with vine too.  We typically don’t eat outside as there are SO-SO-SO many flies here at the farm so we don’t really “use” the table except when making smores or for holding drinks.  We keep the old milk can there to hold the sticks to roast wieners.  That way they are always at hand when we need them.


We tried to include the apple tree in the landscaping a bit so we don’t have to trim around it.  So far the plants that are there aren’t coming the best.  I think the excess rain has something to do with that…by the way, we have apples on this tree.  We just planted it last year so that’s neat.  Our other “new” apple tree was planted three years ago and still no apples.


This is what it looks like on the flower side of the patio.  I like it.  I am tempted to completely encircle it with flower.  It was hard to know what to do with it because the west side had about a foot drop and the east side is level with the grass.


We’ve been able to use the patio a few times this year.  I hope we can use it lots more.


Being plants were cheap, I bought some for the planter at the porch too.  Originally I had intended on just planting seeds there to save some money but that didn’t happen and the plants were super cheap so I just bought plants. $6 filled the planter.  I need to do some sweeping but it was thundering when I snapped these photos and raining by the time I was done so sweeping will just have to wait…


I had another galvanized bucket that sprung a leak so I turned it into a planter and set it by the back garage door.   These plants need shade and there’s lots of shade there but I am going to keep an eye on it…the planter might have to get moved to a shadier place.


While buying plants I noticed that they had trellis’ on sale too.  I ended up getting one for our climbing rose.  The nursery that I go to always gives store cash coupons out to come back and use in July.   I bought (actually got it free with the coupons) this climbing rose last year then not expecting it to live….but it did!!  That means this year it needed a trellis.

The section where this rose is behind the garage needs lots of work yet.  I just can’t decide what I want to do here.  We are planning a “side walk” from the back garage door to the patio.  I am just not going to worry about the rest of the landscape and flowers until the side walk is in.

I just love flower gardening…I like veggie gardening too.  Going out early in the morning or late at night is my favorite time.  I’ll do another post in a few weeks so you can see how things are growing.

8 thoughts on “Patio Tour of My Flowers”

  1. Beautiful!! Love the patio and the flowers. You do more projects (quilting, canning, gardening) in ONE week than I do in a whole year. I am really impressed.

  2. Love the patio and the red furniture. Good idea with milk can. Need to dig mine out and use for the weiner/marshmallow sticks. Enjoy your beautiful flowers.

  3. If you could snag another trellis, some blue or purple clematis would look terrific next to your climbing roses. In our area, the “knockout” roses are pretty dominant, plus they last all summer long and into the fall. Sure hope your husband can get some beans planted, before it’s way too late!

  4. Sharon Hughson

    Is that a glider swing on your patio? You need a swing if not. Enjoyed your show, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful yard! So much scope for imagination, as Anne of Green Gables would say.
    Enjoy your flowers this season!

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