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I am finally closer to having my outside annual flowers taken care of.  It’s been such slow work for me this year as I’ve booked all my weekends leaving me only a little time after childcare to try to get things planted.  That plus the weird spring weather we had put me WAY behind.  It’s never been this late for me.  Never.

I tried again to winter over my fairy gardens.  This time Hubby and I carried them all upstairs and tried keeping them in the window of my bedroom.  Alas…still didn’t work the best.  Between the five pots shown I had to buy nine new succulents to fill the gardens.  I’m a little different than some with fairy gardens.  I like LOTS of plants and less fairy decorating.

This is the tall pot.  There is a great plant to the left.  When I rub the leaves and then put my finger to my nose to smell it, it smells like lime.  That’s kind of fun!  This planter also has a tiny little start of a String of Pearls.  That’s new for me this year too.

This is the short garden.  My jade plant wintered over just fine.  It got a little spindle-like but not bad at all.

This one is the childcare kiddos favorite.  Under the gazebo is a “jar of fairy dust”.  They think that is pretty cool.

The one with the pond below has a jade plant and an asparagus plant.  Both wintered over.  Technically an asparagus fern isn’t something for fairy gardens but I love it here!  It wintered over and I can take a scissors and hack it off to any size I want.  It’s so forgiving!  I recommend asparagus plants for sure!  I love the String of Bananas plant on the front left.  That’s a new to me plant too.  I’ll be taking clippings of this in the fall with the hope to start a house plant of it.

Here is the biggest one….See the little fairy house in the back?That was my new purchase this year.  I’ve wanted one but new wanted to spend the money.  I found this one at Dollar General for $3.  Yep…I could afford that.  My fern in this wintered over but needs a little help.  I’ve only had them planted for a week so.  They will start greening up more soon.

On the back patio I also planted my two wash tubs.  I went with pink geraniums and other flowers this year.  I probably should have done red like I usually do but I changed to pink this year.

One thing I didn’t do this year…plant this double wash tub.  I’ve planted it for about 6 years and have enjoyed it but I am going with a little less is more attitude lately.  Planting this would easily cost $35…and create more work to water so I decided not to.  Besides when there are too many flowers I feel like I don’t appreciate what I do have as much.

I cleaned out the tubs and plan to take it to Harmony to sell at our antique booth.  It’s a little bittersweet for me.  Hubby and I hunted and hunted to find the one I wanted and finally found this one.  It worked great at the farmhouse and was actually perfect for there…here, the spot isn’t as good and it looks a little awkward.

That’s the back patio update.  We have had a chance to sit on the porch a couple nights but that has been slim too.  I feel like we’re about two weeks behind on everything!   I’ll give you a patio update in a month or so.  Then you can see how the plants filled out and where the fairies all moved around to.

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  1. Carolyn Sullivan

    I’m really getting a late start too on my planters. I winters over my Geraniums and my Begonias, some of them made it and some didn’t. Have a ‘truck’ garden. A very OLD Tonka truck that I repurposed to use for my Hostas. I wintered them at my DD’s house in the basement. bc I didn’t have room w all the geraniums I tried to save. The jade plant was looking a little sad so I pulled it. I’m thinking of making a bonsai tree out of it.
    Good luck getting them all planted!!! wish I could post pics.

  2. I love the fairy gardens and I might have to check our Dollar stores for some of pieces to start my own. I love the gazebo with the fairy dust, how sweet. Your pots look great and I look forward to the follow up.

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