Patching Jeans…making chili

I was on Facebook the other day.  This showed up as a memory from three years ago.  I was lamenting patching Kramer’s pants.  What a difference three years can make.

Even though I hate patching pants, what quilter likes mending, I would LOVE to be patching pants today.

The pants I was patching were Kramer’s work pants.  If you’re new here, Kramer is my husband who died of lung cancer in June of 2019.

Kramer wore Lee Riders, 34 x 32 boot cut.  It was the only pants he wore unless we were going to a wedding or funeral.  I must have put in at least 100 patches in our 32 years of marriage.  I think I complained every stinking time.

Now, I’d patch a pair every day if it meant he was here.  I wouldn’t complain.  I would smile and be so thankful he was here so I could patch his pants.

It was funny as the same day this showed up as a memory on Facebook, this showed up in my newsfeed…

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Wow…this said exactly what I was thinking when I saw the picture I had posted of me patching Kramer’s jeans from three years ago.  Funny how they both popped up on the same day!  I thought it was serendipity that I write about it.

I don’t know what your significant other likes you to make.  I don’t know if they like their jeans to get patched.  I have no idea what you do that makes your significant other happy…please, just do it.  I promise you won’t regret it..even if you hate patching jeans…even if you don’t want to make chili.  Just do it.  Make the chili…patch the jeans.

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  1. Odd you would write this today. My husband has been ill for a very long time. Today he asked me to hem his jeans. Of course, I stopped what I was doing and hemmed his jeans. We never know what’s ahead, do we?

  2. My husband was killed in 2017. I complained about fixing his work pants (why do men pull their pants up using the belt loops?). I would tease him and say asking me to fix your pants is like asking Picasso to paint your garage. Good memories.

  3. Looks like I’m making cornbread for my best friend….you just never know…learned that Oct. 2016…sigh

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I totally agree with you about the doing for your loved ones. Even though I knew my husband was sick to death That I was going to have to see him die. When it happened I was surprised by it my advice to newly weds and older married people love well daily be cause you don’t know how long you’ll be blessed. My youngest sister and oldest niece both celebrated 40 plus years of marriage I am so glad for them.

  5. Hi Jo
    My husband loves football in fact any sport. He named our son after the manager of his favourite football team. Just recently he has been very ill I nearly lost him so although there has been an awful lot of sport on tv I never complain and he just watches as much sport as he wants. At one time I would sit in the bedroom and watch the tv in there but now I sit with him and we watch it together. I’m not a fan like he is but I’ve learned after 55 years of marriage to accept it. I give thanks every day that he’s still with me so watching sport is no sacrifice.

  6. My husband has been in hospital for 2 weeks after a surgery developed complications. He is doing great but waiting for a hole in his esophagus to close. Another test tomorrow to determine if it has and he can go home. So there were some things going on with our church that we didn’t agree with but yesterday he said, oh, lets just go with the flow. Its not worth worrying about. And he was right. My sister’s husband died in June suddenly after a few months illness. You just never know. We have become closer since then so that is a blessing. Carol

  7. I just read all the good comments and thank you for posting the remembrance. It is so true that things in our lives can change without a moment’s notice or even with some notice so these words of wisdom are heartfelt.

  8. I remember when my husband died and I was being around my friends and hearing them complaining about their husbands. I never said anything but afterwards I would think how much I missed my husband. My husband today totally tears apart our bed every single night and I have to remake it each morning. I tease him but I’ve learned the hard way to not gripe about it. So I totally understand your jeans thing.

  9. Yep, there are SO MANY things I’d do if only he were here again. Nine years is a long time to have been without him and 15 years ago, I never would’ve dreamed I’d have to live without him for nine plus who knows how many more years.

  10. I have been extremely busy with grandkids both this summer and now that school has started. One of them always seems to be in quarantine or the nursery is closed because of quarantine etc. I cannot play in my sewing room while the little ones are here. So on weekends I head there as much as possible. However this is also the only time my husband isn’t working. As long as he is playing in the yard we are fine. But even thought he doesn’t ask me when he gets in the pool to cool off I’m there too. We enjoy floating and talking for an hour or so. So quilting has taken a hit. I am happy to be able to be with him without additional company . Just a blessed wife and grandmother.

  11. Jo, one of the many characteristics I love about you is that you teach every day through your experiences and your love of life and family. It truly is the little things that are the BIG things in this life.

    A few years after my Dad died Mom said, “when someone asks you for something, do it. Never say no. Never have regrets”. So much like patching those jeans! I am lucky to have been in my 30s still when she said this and have been able to practice already for decades and hopefully many more to come with my husband of 41 years.

    Happy Tuesday Jo. Sending big cyberhugs your way :-)

  12. Such a precious post and so very true. We don’t appreciate most of what we have till it is gone. Thank you, Jo, for all your thoughts you share from the heart.

  13. I don’t what possessed me to stop and make a table topper for my friend. It was a special request and the last thing I had time for was to make this. Another friend had given me a quilt calendar and on that day the image on the calendar was much like what Ellie requested. I texted a photo to her and she liked it. I made time to make it and mail it right away. She was very surprised when I told her to check her mailbox. A couple months later Ellie was diagnosed with cancer and decided not to fight it. She was gone in six months. I don’t know why, when I’d put off so many things, and she would understand how busy I am, that I would grant this request so quickly. But, I am glad I did. She was able to enjoy her decoration for a few months.

  14. Very appropriate post. My husband had been after me for several weeks to hem some pants for him. I finally did it….six pair! And he died suddenly the following day. :-( At least he knew I stopped and did that for him even though he didn’t wear any of them. It’s definitely the little things that count and show our love.

  15. Allison C Bayer

    Thank you for this Jo! There are several things my Sweet Man doesn’t want to do any more. One is deboning the weekly chicken we buy. I’m happy to do it because he did it for so long. Recently I made a nice chicken salad with it. He just loved it. So now I make him a batch every week. I happily hem pants, repair knee pads, make sweat bands from old t-shirts, iron. He does the grocery shopping, cleans the toilets, does the laundry, handles the finances (and keep me up to date), keeps the car filled up, takes care of the dishes, and loves me to pieces. We’ve been married 37 years. When ever he makes a mess I always say “ I’m happy you are here to make the mess!” He’s such a blessing to me.

  16. I lost my husband 1 1/2 years ago and have so much sadness in my heart about the times I didn’t “make the chili,” or complained when I did. I’d do every miserable chore on earth to have him back. It’s too bad most of us learn that lesson the hard way. I try to focus on the good times and how lucky i was to be with him for 40 years.

  17. Jo you are so right. I lost my dear sweet husband in April of 19 after a nine year battle with multiple myeloma. We had been married 52 1/2 years but it seemed like only a few. I
    Miss him every day and can’t believe how fast time goes by without him. I tell all my friends and family, don’t put off those special things you want to do, don’t wait on retirement or birthdays to go places. Do it now and enjoy every minute you have together

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