I funny thing happened last year and it goes something like this….

Hubby and I play cards in the winter with a group of people from our area.  It was our turn to host so we did.  When one couple arrived it was a little odd.  The guy of the couple wasn’t there so the girl of the couple brought a sub.  The sub was a girl.  I didn’t know the girl but was soon introduced to her as Julie-Chad Wurzer’s wife.  Something rang a bell that I should know her..but didn’t made the connection until she started talking about the quilts I had hanging up on the walls.

That’s when I realized that it was Julie of Patchabilities.  I had seen Julie’s patterns LOTS of times at area quilt shops and I knew that she lived in my area.  I heard all about her one day when visiting Merry’s Stitchins in Jessup.  One day I was there and Merry, the owner of the shop and I got talking and she was telling me about her daughter (Julie) who designs patterns and lives in the neighboring town next to me.

Well the people in our card group looked at me and Julie a little funny, that’s when I realized we were talking “quilt talk” and they didn’t really understand us.  We quit talking but vowed we’d get together one day and talk shop.  Well that didn’t happen and didn’t happen and didn’t happen.

Then our book publisher told us we had to cut a couple patterns from our book as the book was too big.  Kelli and I debated what to do…I told Kelli that we should go talk to Julie.  She has gobs and gobs of patterns and has been in the quilting business for years!  So I called Julie and we stopped at her work place several times.  Then one day we finally hooked up.


What fun!!  Julie is just a delight, so funny and very down to earth.  She was a great resource and guided us with options for us to print our own patterns.

I asked if I could snap some pictures but like me, Julie is in the middle of packing up and moving.  Her husband (who happens to be our dry wall guy) is building her a new shop on their property so she’ll be able to “walk to work”.  We decided it best if we do a photo shoot of the shop once we both are moved.

While you wait for Kelli and I to get our patterns available for sale, take a look at Julie’s patterns.  Here is a link to her site.

My favorites are the sports themed ones…  There are lots of different sports ones available.  If you have a child or grand child who’s into sports, these would be so fun to make!!

P84 Football

Anyway, you’ll have to scroll through her site yourself and see what your favorites are…if you love quick and easy, Julie is sure to have a Patchabilities pattern for you!!

Keep watching once we both get settled at out new places, I’ll have more pictures and blog posts about her new set up.

I have to say, it was a real delight to be able to talk to someone who knew about publishing and workings of the quilting business!!

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  1. I love the Patchabilities quilts. I have made some for my self and given them as gifts – especially with the cute Wire frames. Small world isn’t it????!!!

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