Pantry Challenge

I have no idea when we’ll be moving but I do know that we will be moving sometime- I am guessing in the next three to four months or so.  I also know that I don’t want to move all of this…


When we moved to the house here on the farm, I lost a kitchen with lots of cupboard space and a BIG pantry closet.  Here there were few cupboards and no big pantry.  To help me out, Hubby put in these shelves at the top of the basement stairs.  The shelves are only about 8″ deep but my oh my, they made my lack of cupboard space in the kitchen manageable.  To be frankly honest, I am going to miss these shelves.  (When I have them organized) I can find and see everything.  They have saved me time after time as the cupboard space at this house is only 10′ long.  Feeding a family of seven and running a daycare (I did that for eight years) out of this kitchen was a little hectic.  Thankfully I had this storage.

You might remember last year about this time Hubby challenged me to use up the 18 cake mixes I had on the shelf??  Well I am doing good with that, only a angel food cake mix left to use up and I have plans to make these lemon bars with that.

The thing I have in great abundance now…Cans of PUMPKIN!!  There were 10 cans…In my defense they were only 35 cents a can at the bent and dent store.  35 cents is cheap.  Well today I made two pumpkin pies…that used two cans.

I made a batch of pumpkin bread too.  I’ll share that recipe with you soon.  It’s YUMMY.

I’m not worried about using up the pumpkin at all.  I could make my Pumpkin Roll .  Even if I made one a week for weeks on end and it would still get eaten up.

There’s also this wonderful pumpkin dessert.

I am so thankful for my full pantry but it’s time to empty some of those shelves.  My goal is to clean the pantry down as much as I can before it’s time to move..and my goal is to buy only what I need to use up what is here.  For example I have green beans here and soup to make green bean casserole…but no fried onions.  So, I’ll buy the fried onions.

If I could use up one thing out of the pantry every day, without buying anything to replace it, there wouldn’t be much left to move…for now, that’s my hope.  Anyone else need to clean the pantry??  Feel free to join me in my pantry challenge.

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  1. Your Hubby is quite inventive. I just did the same thing with my refrigerator. Used everything except some eggs and milk and gave it a good cleaning. Only be careful because if you have nothing to take along, your grocery bill will be a whopper. Hope all continues to go well with the progress on the house.

  2. One of the many houses that we lived in had shelves like yours. I love having them only one can deep on one side and box deep on the other. Never had things hiding behind others. I sure wish I had those shelves again. Hubby can’t seem to find anything in the cupboards! My hubby has been out of town and I didn’t want to go do the shopping so, I don’t have much to do to straighten up our pantry!

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