The good news is we’re painting.

I got in the house and was given the approval to paint on New Year’s Eve so I went.  The plan was to start with painting the upstairs part of the addition as we need to get the flooring laid in there.  Hubby suggested painting the sewing room first.  I was a little leery to start as that’s the color of paint that I was most unsure of.  I had picked a darker yellow.

Finally I just told myself the paint was bought and I just needed to start painting.  Here’s a sneak peek of it.

I ended up getting one coat on in the afternoon.  Then Hubby came to check on me and suggested we go out to eat.  We haven’t been out for awhile and it was New Year’s Eve.   I still wanted to put another coat of paint on so we compromised by going to the bar and grill in town in our old clothes. (Luckily that’s totally acceptable)

We ate and then I came back and put on the second coat of paint.  I didn’t get done until 9:30 at night and was tired and ready for bed.

We talked about going out but both of us knew we needed to be up and working in the morning so we just went to bed…so much for ringing in the new year!

On New Year’s Day I was back at the house and painting.  Later in the day Kalissa and Craig came to help.  I had a coat of paint on the upstairs bathroom by the time they came and was working on coat number two.  They started in on the hallway and closet.


We took a break.  Then Hubby was done with work so Craig started helping him.  They were busy moving stuff from the garage at the farm to the house in town.  Right now it’s really irritating.  So many of the tools we need are at the farm and we need them at the house.  Weekly we end up going back to get something.  Now at least they will all be in one place.

Kalissa and I went back to painting.  We got the second coat on the bathroom, closet and upstairs hallway then moved down to the office.  We got one coat of paint on the office and were pooped.  It was 7:00 and we ready to be done.  Only problem…the guys weren’t back.

I couldn’t just do nothing so I kept painting waiting for the guys to come.

We ended up getting one coat of paint on about 1/3 of the dining room.  Once the guys came even I gave up.

As you read this I am likely back at the house painting.  I am leaving the office and dining room for now and moving to the kitchen and entry way.  I want to have that done so that we’ll be ready for kitchen cupboards once the floor is done.

Sadly my helpers will be gone and it will be just me.  Kalissa did help by getting the ladders all in place for me so I’ll be able to start as soon as I get there.  My goal is to paint a minimum of 2 rooms a day.

I’ll try to snap a couple pictures tomorrow so you can see the colors of the rooms…it’s nothing fancy.  I just wanted something I could live with for a LONG time.  I won’t be painting again soon!!

14 thoughts on “Painting…”

  1. Keep going! You will get there in the end and it will all be worth it. I mean -a sewing room LIKE THAT?
    Love to follow the progress you are making.
    Best wishes from the other side of the globe, in Western Australia.

  2. I painted my sewing room yellow-think it was buttercup yellow or some such. It was a bit overwhelming for me so I used a light off white glaze which is dabbed on with a sponge. It turned out great. The room is yellow but glaze softens it just a bit so it looks great. Love it. Its a happy room.

  3. Could you bottle some of your energy. Jo’s Vitality in a Jar. Colors link great. You are going to be thrilled after you recover from all the aches and pains. Can’t wait to see the sewing room.

  4. Wow you have more energy than I do. I agree with you on the paint colors. Something I can live with for years. I painted every room in my small garden home the same color. I figured I could branch out some in the bathroom and Kitchen to add spark. I do not plan on painting again.

  5. Hey you do a great job painting,,, I have some painting that I would like done but working I don’t have the time, think you could make it to Georgia when you get through and help me.. LOL, Just kidding, your home is going to be wonderful with all the love put in it.

  6. So happy for you that you got to finally get the painting started at your house! Hubby and I are very slowly getting the main part of our condo painted. I think your sewing room is going to be a wonderful place to be!

  7. Looking good. I like your sewing room color. it looks about the shade I have for my sewing room/bedroom. Ours shade is called Warm Muffin.I am happy you are in the home stretch.

  8. I really like your colors! I enjoy painting but I’m in awe of all the work you have done, insulation, flooring. This will truly be your home.

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