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Family Times

I told you we had a family wedding coming up…well, that happened over the weekend. Most of my adult kids and most of the grandkids… Read More »Family Times

Errand Day and Thrifty Finds

I recently was out doing errands. I was in the itch to plant my containers mood and headed out to the nursery with plans to stop at the thrift store, the grocery store, and the quilt shop too.

The quilt shop was an easy stop. I was just looking to get some interfacing for finishing some cross-stitch pillows. I was really good and only bought the interfacing. YAHOO!! There were a few tempting things but I’m on a mission to use what I have. While there I saw this…

See the book 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts?? Well, Kelli and I have published quilts in that book. It’s always fun to see publications we are in when I’m out and about. You can read more about the book HERE. Or you can buy it HERE. I think the Kindle version is only $2.99.

Anyway…back to…

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