News about the Babies

Happy news from the Kramer camp.  I really didn’t know it was going to be happy news when Kelli first called me at noon on Sunday at noonish.  I was at a vintage sale about 20 minutes south of my house.

For those of you who are new, Kelli is our oldest daughter.  She had fertility issues and ended up pregnant with twins.  She was due May 21st.  She had gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.  She was scheduled for a c-section on April 29th.

The call from Kelli went something like this..
“Mom, my water broke.  I can feel the cord from one of the babies.  I have to call the ambulance.”

Oh my!  Kelli called me as I have a scanner and often hear the ambulance and fire calls that go out from our county.  Kelli and I live half an hour apart but in the same county.  Had I been home and heard a call that said, “34-year-old mom pregnant with twins, water broke can feel cord, 34 weeks along, Granite Road”, I would have known it was her for sure.  She didn’t want me to panic.

I was just leaving the sale so decided I would head that way and get Georgia.

Kelli had just worked a 12-hour overnight shift as a nurse.  She had gotten home and didn’t feel the best.  She was really sore and uncomfortable. She soaked in the tub and then went to bed.  She was up and 10 to go to the bathroom and up again at noon.  That’s when her water broke.

She went via ambulance to Decorah hospital where she works and then was transferred on to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

It was 5:05 when she was admitted to the hospital.  The first baby was born via c-section at 5:16 pm and the second at 5:17 pm.  It was an emergency.

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Numbers 8 and 9 Soon to Arrive

Good morning from Kayla…

Our family has good and bad news to share. Kelli’s water broke Sunday afternoon. She was taken by ambulance to her local hospital and then to Rochester.

The babies have strong heartbeats and Kelli was given steroids to help their lungs. We’re excited to meet the little ones but as you know we were praying for May! They are very early so we are expecting a long haul before they get to come home.

Kalissa has Georgia (and Rosie and Puppycat) and Mom is headed up to be with Kelli. It takes a villiage! Unfortunately, my village is far away so I’m helping out virtually with guest posts while Mom is busy. We’ll keep you posted!

Community Quilts from Gail

Do you remember this quilt top that the Cresco ladies made?  The center is a map of Seattle.

When I showed the top, I asked if there was anyone in the area that might finish it and donated it.

Happily, Gail volunteered.  That was so sweet of her.  She volunteered to take a few extra tops too.  PERFECT!!  I had a nice stack here and I sent on four more tops to her.

In no time at all, she finished them and sent pictures.  I always tell the volunteer finishers that they can finish tops at their own pace and they don’t need to hurry.  Well, Gail’s pace must be speedy.  She sent pictures of the finished quilts back in no time.

Here is the finish on the Seattle quilt…  WOW, what nice machine quilting!!

Gail writes:
The 5 quilt tops are done and on their way to the Enumclaw food bank where they will be distributed to forever homes and loved. I added borders where needed and words of inspiration on one.”

Here is a pretty quilt with blues…

This one is all aviation-oriented.  What fun bright colors!!

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What I’m Making: Cupboard Clean Out Mix

With childcare, the kiddos are always wanting things to be fair.  I don’t blame them, I wish things could be fair too.  But, it can’t always happen and that is just part of life…


I figured out how to make snacks fair.  I had two boxes of cereal that didn’t have enough cereal in either to feed the kids.  I wanted to get it used up so for a snack one day I pulled out the cereal and some other goodies.
I put the cereal in a ziplock bag.  I added some of the other goodies…animal crackers, Reese’s pieces, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.  You can really add any combo of things.   Once in the bag, I shook it up…

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