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What Kelli is Reading: Just the Nicest Couple

My daughter Kelli has another book review to share. I jut love when she does this as it gives me a night off from having to come with something to write. HA! Plus, I get introduced to some great books. Today’s book is “Just the Nicest Couple” book by Mary Kubica.

Kelli writes:

This one got me.  Just as soon as I thought I had it figured out, it literally stabbed me in the chest from an angle I didn’t even know existed.  When I tell you that the ending was a surprise, I would venture to bet that it was possible the time a book has surprised me the most–ever.

As the characters are introduced in the book, it is pretty clear what the story line will be and how the story will play out.  It also shows the length at which the husband in the book will go to protect his wife, which to me was a little much at times.  It also shows how one bad choice can lead to a whole string of occurrences that can change the outcome of the story.  It also enforces the importance of telling the truth the first time and dealing with the consequences rather than continuing to have to lie and cover up things for an extended period of time.  By the time that the book ends, you will feel all the feelings!

This book was definitely correctly advertised as a thriller! –But it wasn’t my favorite. 

The story starts with a couple who was going to view a house up for sale, in the middle of a blizzard.  Eventually they realize that they are snowed in and will not be able to leave the house.  This was a strange thing to me because a.)  I’ve never chosen a home to live in other than a college apartment once and B.)  I would have rescheduled a house showing as it doesn’t seem like something that needs to be done in a blizzard.  As the story progresses, I thought that the key points that play into the ending seem a little obvious and a bit of a reach.  The development of the story line doesn’t seem the most realistic. 

In the end, the ending again seemed like it was a bit of a reach and a little more complicated than it kind of needed to be.  There was no way that I would have put it all together and seemed like a little bit of an information dump at the end.  It wasn’t a bad book, but just wasn’t quite my style.  I will definitely be giving more of her books a try, but might listen to a few others before I do.

Here is what Amazon had to say:

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Mail Call from Ray

Ray has been getting packages right and left. Today’s post is a peek at all the things that have been sent his way.

Ray writes:

“The mail has been coming in and I am determined to get it caught up before it gets totally out of control. I am not complaining. Just saying that some organization is needed and I am not one to stay organized, anymore. 

This group of four adorable snail’s trail quilts came from Ann B in PA. She said she made them a few years ago as a part of a rainbow scrap challenge and had never done anything with them. I get to be the lucky guy to get them and finish them and donate them. Life is GOOD! They are all 41 x 52. Perfect size for baby blankets or smaller kids. Ann was nice enough to include backing and binding for all four.

Bev C in NY said she had some quilts and UFOs that needed to be rehomed and I received a wonderful box of surprises. Best of all I get to share those with you…

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