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I have fun quilts to share with you today.  All of them are from Ray.  One of the quilts is a wonderful splash of color and the other has a wonderful story.  Grab some coffee and read along…

Ray writes:

Cheryl P. in CO. made this top and sent it to me to finish. I just got it put together.

She did an awesome job of piecing all the quarter log cabin blocks. It is so very scrappy and delightful.

I used the… …

Raspberry Cream Cheese Rolls

I’ve been busy working on cleaning out my cupboards and cabinets. I’ve been trying to use things from the pantry as often as possible. I ended up finding some raspberry jam. I know I had bought it to make some type of chocolate/raspberry dessert but try as I might, I couldn’t remember what recipe it was. So…the jam needed a new plan.

That’s when I remembered that some time ago I had made some strawberry cream cheese rolls that were really good. I decided I would find the recipe and make them with raspberry jam instead of strawberry jam. Here’s a picture of how they turned out.

Oh my. They were delicious. They were just amazing and everyone loved them.

The recipe is really easy to follow. I found it HERE in a Youtube video. In the video, the gal uses a bread machine to make the dough. I mixed mine in my Kitchen Aide mixer and did the final kneading on my pastry mat. (Find the mat HERE)

I had some helpers in tow.

After the dough had risen, I rolled it out and then spread the cream cheese mix on it. I was going to use a cream cheese frosting on these so I only used one package of cream cheese in the filling.

You can see Eli helping me in the picture below….

Quilt Finish: The Red Bow Tie Quilt

In my whirlwind weekend at the longarm, one of the quilts I finished was my Red Bow Tie quilt.

Pieces for this top were originally given to me by a blog reader. I got an AMAZING box of goodies from her in July or so. I’ve been working on projects from the box for some time now. Every project in the box was something that I was excited to finish. I can’t thank that blog reader enough. You can read about the package HERE.

It’s funny…that package has guided so much of what I’ve sewn ever since I got it. I’ve made the hourglass quilt. I’ve made a quilt that used the scrappy 2 1/2″ brightly colored blocks. MANY thanks to the person who sent the goodies. I also want to thank…

What I’m Reading: Out of the Corner

I am a HUGE Dirty Dancing fan.  I remember going to the movie at the theatre.  I was in love with Patrick Swayze…I thought Jennifer Grey was so wonderful with hair that I would have loved to have.  I loved the coming-of-age story.  I’ve loved this so much that I’ve rewatched it several times, which normally I never do, and I’ve seen it as a play.

When I saw that Jennifer Grey had a memoir out, I knew I just had to read it.  The book is Out of the Corner by Jennifer Grey.

The beginning of the book almost had me stop reading.  Well, not the first part…the first part about her nose had me interested.  Then there is so much drug abuse and risky behavior that it was turning me off.  She was name-dropping and all of the names she dropped were people I didn’t know as they were older Hollywood people.  My interest was bottoming out and I thought I wouldn’t finish the book.

Then the book got to the 1980s and I found it much more interesting and I was really glad that I had stuck with it.  I was a busy mom in the late 80s and early 90s with little kids.  I had no idea that she was friends with MaDonna and that she dated  Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp, William Baldwin, and George Stephanopoulos.  All of this I did find interesting…but most interesting to me were the struggles she went through with her appearance.

Here is what Amazon had to say:

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