Hail Damage in Farm Country

Hello Blogging World! I am Kalissa, (Jo’s 14 year old daughter that she is always making fun of :D)  Let me tell you: I am a HUGE weather bug (mostly because my dad takes me weather spotting with him and I get super cool pictures of lightning and storm clouds (check out www.kwwl.com and search for kalissageorgia for more weather shots) Recently, Wednesday to be exact, we got big storm. So between mom and dad telling me to settle down, (I always get super hyper when it is storming) I kept a close eye on the clouds and TV. No tornadoes touched down around here, but in Austin, Minnesota they had an F2 tornado.

That same storm (that produced the tornado) moved southeast: to our farm country. Towards the west of us, they got hail at least 2in. in diameter. In our area, a few trees were down, power out, dents in NEW siding at a friends house.  Someone we know was in the process of redoing thier shingles and well, they’ll have to redo the redo to say the least. Like I said, we didn’t get much of anything at our house but I did wake up at 11:30 because I couldn’t sleep. The rain and nickle size hail was beating on my north window. But probably the worse loss was crops. If you drive to neighboring farms, there is corn that was 2 ft. high, beaten into the ground. 


There are newly planted beanfields turned to muddy wastelands.

The issue: too late to replant. What they probably will do is just see what comes up. There is a little hope though: Today driving through the country, we were able to see some green rising out of the pummeld cornfields. Hopefully things will grow back and we will be able to get SOME harvest. Mom says: “You can always dream!” (the same response I got when I asked if I could be famous.) We’ll keep you posted on how things end up, but for now, they just announced we were in a tornado watch…I have to go charge the camera batteries!  When it’s stormy, me and my Kodak Easy Share Camera are tight.

This is: *Kalissa Georgia, Signing Off*

Too many eggs…How about Breakfast Pizza

We have a flock of 18 laying hens.  In the spring, they take their job of laying farm fresh eggs VERY seriously.  This photo shows the afternoon picking.


 We cannot possibly use all the eggs so we “peddle” them off to whoever will take them.  It’s rare that a visitor comes to our house without leaving with a dozen or two of our fresh eggs. 

I try to use as many eggs as I can so I have developed quite a reportiore of egg recipes….breakfast pizza happens to be my husbands favorite.  Here’s a recipe of sorts.  I am not good with writing down recipes for things that I have “made up”. 


Take your favorite recipe for dough and press it out onto you pizza pan.  I am a HUGE fan of Pampered Chef’s pizza stones.  Take spreadable cheese like cheese whiz (I, of course, use generic) and spread some cheese over the pizza.  I usually have to heat it up for 25 seconds in the microwave in order to make it spread decently.   Fry how ever much bacon you would like.  I always keep a box of bacon ends and pieces on hand for this.  I cut it up into little pieces with my kitchen scissors before I put it in the frying pan.  After the bacon is done, I drain it and set it aside.  Then I break eight eggs into a bowl, scramble them, and pour into the frying pan that the bacon was fried in.  Once the eggs are mostly cooked, I put them on the pizza crust.  Then I put the bacon on and the cheese.  Sometimes I add other things like green peppers, mushrooms, or anything you would put on an omlet.  I always bake pizza in a 425 degree oven until the cheese is just starting to brown.  

I love this recipe because it helps me use all those eggs and my family loves it because it just plain tastes good. 

Keep checking back and I will share more recipes that use lots of eggs.

Not Fair!!

Our daughter Kalissa and I were rumaging at the local Goodwill store.  She was checking out the new clothes rack because all new clothes that still had the tags on, were $1each.  Kalissa pulled out this shirt….


I was so excited until she started dancing around the store saying…”Ha ha Mom.  It’s a medium!” 

Not fair…I wear a large.  I want a beagle shirt.  Oh the joy of shopping Goodwill….I really want a beagle shirt…even though the dog locked me out of the vehicle, I still want a beagle shirt.  No Fair.  Why can’t I be a medium..and why does Kalissa keep having to rub it in? 

….I am off to privately pout.

Three Things That Don’t Go Together

Check out the photo.  There are three things shown that definately don’t go together in a vehicle by themselves.


 The items are Gracie our dog, my car keys and my purse with my extra set of car keys.

Yesterday I quickly ran into the bank with my deposit leaving Gracie, my purse, and my car keys in the ignition.  It was pouring rain outside….I went to jump back into the vehicle and you guessed it…  Gracie locked the doors! 
The wonderful librarian let me borrow her phone because my cell phone was in the car.   The local mechanics came down and opened the doors for me but not without a lot of fan fare.

While I was waiting for the mechanics, our mail man strolled by and asked what happened-as did the librarian-the owner of the bar and the gals at the bank.  When something like this happens in our SMALL town of 240 people , it’s the talk of the town..or should I say laugh of the town.

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