Community Quilts from Cathy

I have quilts from Cathy to share with you today.  Cathy wrote a great note along with her pictures so you can learn a little more about the group that she works with too.

Cathy writes:
This is Cathy K from Utah. Back in February or March, you sent me 21 quilt tops to finish. I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake Chapter of Quilts for Kids. I’ve finished the first three of these quilts. Yay! 

In our QFK chapter, we mostly have women with long-arm quilting machines to finish volunteer quilts, but I make a lot of quilts myself and also finish tops that are donated. I do the quilting on my domestic Bernina. With donation quilts, I usually stick with basic stipples, loops, and crosshatch patterns.

The first quilt is a darling red and green monkey quilt. I believe it and the other two quilts I’m showing, we’re stitched by those amazing Cresco ladies. At least I hope they were because I added them to the quilt labels! All the batting and backings are from my stash. In the monkeys’ quilt, the green polka dot backing is a much better match to the front than the camera makes it appear. It was quilted in a basic viney loop pattern.

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Community Quilts from Karen R

I have quilts to share with you from Karen R.  We have several Karens and Karins who are quilt finishers so I decided to add a last initial to try to help keep them all separated.  I know it’s likely for a reader to keep them straight.  For me, as the coordinator, it’s hard, thus the added initial.

Karen R writes:
Great news!  I was finally able to finish about half the quilts you sent.  These are smaller and will be going to Project Linus.  A guild member says they are really needed right now.

What a great backing for a kid’s quilt.  I love putting something fun on the back so the children who get the quilt can always find something to love.  If they love animals they can love the top side with the animal silhouettes.  If they like sports… they can appreciate the backing.  So fun and versatile.

This one is so cute!!  I love the classic design and Karen’s quilting looks great.

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What I’m Making: Peach Muffins.

I know, I know.  The title of this post says “PEACH MUFFINS” but the recipe you see below says Strawberry Muffins.  It’s all good.  My recipe is interchangeable.  Put whatever fruit you want in and the muffins will be great.

I know there aren’t any mixing instructions.  It’s totally okay.  Mix the first four ingredients and then mix in the rest.  It’s a totally forgiving recipe that isn’t picky at all.  That’s why I love it.

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Where We’re Published: Perfect Match

The latest issue of Quilts and More is hitting the newsstands.  The issue is Fall 2022.

We have a quilt in the magazine!!  YAHOO!!

I think you all might remember this one.  This is the one I tried to sew, and failed, while I was recovering from my thyroid cancer treatment back in January.  It was a mess!!

Here are the images from the magazine (used with permission from Meredith Corporation).

This time around I did something that I’ve always wanted to do…Make a quilt for a little girl and then make a matching doll quilt.  SO FUN!

Here is the doll quilt…

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