Community Quilts from Karin

Karin have been super busy and has several quilts to share today.

She writes:
First up we have a fun little kids lovely, with giraffes, elephants, zebras, monkeys, and lions, what’s not to love!
I believe this top and the backing were from Susan McC, in Austin, TX.  I did arcs, wishbones, meander, and piano keys, with half feathers in the very corners. I do NOT know why, that’s just what my hands did, lol. 

I really like how the back shows all the quilting and texture.

I used a lighted silver on top and in the bobbin. This finished up at 40×48.

This beauty came to me from Annie, in Washington state, and looks to be made from a layer cake? 
Everything coordinated nicely and was precisely pieced.

I used a medium brown thread on top, doing arcs around the outside edges and a looping meander in the inner blocks.  The backing came from you, oh so long ago, and believe it or not, a lime green thread was used in the bobbin and is just about invisible!

Do you remember this backing? I think I was in TX when I received it! This quilt finished up at 48×52. A great size for a good snuggle.

This happy quilt came to me from …
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Bathroom Remodel

Here is a sight I was happy to see.  My contractor came by last week and was scoping out my bathroom remodel.  I was thrilled. He told me he’d be back in about three weeks.  I told him if he want to come sooner as I wouldn’t have any kids at my house this week.  He said, “We’ll be there Monday!”  YAHOO!!  I was so happy.

Karl and Craig came over on Sunday and moved all the things out of the bathroom.  That meant a whole displacement of everything in the kitchen and dining room.  Not fun…but totally okay.

This was how things looked.

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We Lost a Good One…

My Aunt Agnes passed away.  She was one great lady.  Our family was so blessed to have her in our lives.

Aunt Agnes wasn’t the front runner, stand-out front kind of lady.  She was the one in the background managing everything…few of us ever knew all she was doing.

She died a few weeks shy of her 104th birthday.  What a legacy she left.  HERE’s the link to her obituary.  She had three children, 8 grandchildren,17 great-grandchildren…and as the obituary said, “numerous nieces and nephews”.  I am one of those nieces.

I am lucky in that my Aunt Agnes was a crafter and quilter like me.  She is one of the reasons I am so supportive of Lutheran World Relief.  In fact, my memorial money for her will go there.  She helped to make easily thousands of quilts for the organization.  My memorial money will go to the fund to help ship quilts.  I know she’d like that.

She was a master Hardanger too.  She did amazing work.  I just love it.  Here is one of the pieces she gave to me…

I was extra lucky.  Aunt Agnes was also my godmother.  When we were driving home from the funeral the kids and I were talking.  She was 47 when I was born…my dad, her brother just 2 years younger, was 45 when I was born.  My kids just couldn’t believe having a kid so “old”.

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Thrifting Day

You all know I love thrift store shopping.  Last week I was out of one of my meds and decided to go get the prescription filled and of course, stop at the thrift store.  I’m to the point now of isolation that I can be around adults just fine…put it this way, as of last week, I was cleared to sleep in the same bed as someone.  So I was free to go to town…

Here is what I found at the thrift store…

Two 100% cotton sheets…

A Cook’s cast iron pot.  This is for Buck. He asked that I look for one for him.

Fabric for Carolyn to make baby gowns.  Can you believe there were over 9 yards of the gray fabric??

Here are some things for childcare.  Rolling pins for play dough, play money… the same play money I already have the kids fight over.  Sorting trays and the green foam for crafting.

I also bought paint. Most of these are 3/4 of the way full.  YAHOO.  Paint is typically about $4.50 a bottle from where I order it.

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