Winners Abound!

I did that thing I sometimes do again…I got so busy doing all the things I have to do or love to do and completely forgot to announce winners.  SORRY. The winner of the Thundershirt for dogs is….Jill Klop The winner of this goodie pack from the “Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop” is….Jean. The winner of …

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A Friday Finish (times 3)

Kelli came home for a little sewing fest yesterday and today.  She is fulfilling my dream of wanting to stay home and sew all day with no cooking.  She’s doing the cooking and sewing with me for my birthday present.  Yep, today is my birthday. Here is what we accomplished today… There are three “Tag-Along” …

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A BOMB and a Meet and Greet with Mildred

If you are crumbing along…and working ahead like me…you might feel like a BOMB went off in your sewing area….Does yours look anything like mine?!?! Little scraps and bits are EVERYWHERE!!  I am full of strings and snippets.  It is crazy.  Oh…and did you see Mildred there? A funny little happenstance came about this week. …

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