Packing or Quilting…that is the question.

So how much sewing can a girl get by with yet hide in the form of packing??  For me…this much.


In my defense, I found some left over pieces in a container while I was packing.  They were left over from this quilt.

There were a whole bunch of 2″ squares sewn together.  Well before I knew it I had sewn a few of them into 4-patches.  Oh they were a few more turned into few more more…but wait.  I am suppose to be packing.  Okay pack, pack..then sew, sew.

Then I remembered I had more fabric from this fabric line packed away…but I’m suppose to be packing.  Pack, pack.  Wait…I can find that box and just sneak that one bag with the fabric out of the box can’t I??  No.  Pack, pack.  Yes…I can sneak it out.  So I look at the stack of boxes.  If it’s the bottom box it’s staying…if it’s an upper box I’m sewing.

It was an upper box.  I got the fabric out.  I loved this fabric line…Scrumptious from Moda.  I’ll play with it later.  I am suppose to be packing…Pack, pack.  but  I wonder if there are more solids in the bag.  There are!  YES.  But I’m suppose to be packing….pack, pack.

But I didn’t completely look through the left over box.  Wow.  There are 4 half square triangles in there.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING??  You are suppose to be packing.  Pack-pack.

What if I laid those triangles in the center and built the quilt around it.  Ya!  Great idea.  I’ll just sew those couple seams.  WOW.  I love it.  How about I add a little border around that and then the four patches could go around that.  Great idea.   Sew two seams.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? You are suppose to be packing.  Pack-pack.

I know.  I’ll just pin the piece to the wall and plan it in my head as I pack.  No sewing…just planning.

Pack-pack.  Pack-pack.  Oh another box of leftover from a different project.  What if I…wait.  Remember where that got me??  Sewing and not packing!!  PUT IT IN THE BOX.

Pack-pack.  I’m just going to sew those 4 patches together.  Okay, just sew them to the side and you have to quit sewing.  You are suppose to packing.

Hubby comes in for supper.  We work at the house for an hour or so.  Back home and packing….pack-pack.  Oh…a box of lots of leftovers.  They are going immediately into a box.  I can’t dare to look at them.  Pack-pack.

I think I’ll just sneak a couple seams.  Oh-it’s looking cute. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? You are suppose to be packing.  Pack-pack.

Oh…Hubby is going to bed.  SEW!!   SEW!!  SEW!!  I’m sewing.  To heck with packing….SEW JO-Sew!!

It was 11:30 pm when I quit.  I left this project sitting out.  I imagine that more will be added to it before we move.  It’s so cute and I love free form designing without any pattern or draft that I’m working from.  It’s fun.  This will be a baby quilt at some point….for now it’s just something fun.

From the looks of the sewing room I’ll have another day of “packing” in there!!  Less time if I actually just pack!

6 thoughts on “Packing or Quilting…that is the question.”

  1. too funny!!! Quilters A-D-D ! I’m laughing…not at you but with you as I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat you are in very soon. Hubby has been transferred to DeKalb IL and I’m going to be pack-pack-packing as soon as the house sells.

  2. Jo, I’m sitting here laughing. How fun–I love the baby quilt. Thanks for sharing and giving me a chuckle!

  3. Jo, You are too funny, the quilt is cute and so are you. I hope 2015 will be a great year for you and your lovely family.

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