Packing My Stitchy Bag

With Kramer’s ins and outs of the hospital, I’ve learned I need to keep a stitchy bag packed.  I keep a suitcase packed too.  I have an extra phone charger for us both.  I have an extra lotion, razor (I learned this the hard way), hairbrush…well everything, clothes included so that I can grab the bag and be out the door in seconds.

The top of my priority list once we get home is to have it repacked immediately.  I’ve learned this the hard way too.

I was saying this to a friend of mine and she said, “Wow, you or so organized.”  Nope…I’m really not.  I just know that leaving immediately is something I MUST be able to do in my life right now and I need to do whatever it is so that I can leave the quickest I can or I’ll be miserable once we get Kramer to the hospital.

As far as my busy bag, with long stays, some a week long, I’ll be honest, I need something other than only cross stitch.  I always have thank yous packed to write….

I have a magazine…these came from a blog reader

…or quilt book.

This last time I thought I would throw in my punch needle stuff.  Only problem, this…NO PUNCH NEEDLE.  UGH.  Projects, yes.  Punch needle, NO.

I thought Punch Needle would be perfect.  I haven’t done it in a long time and I thought I could easily “relearn” how to do it.  I’d have all the time to try.

But with no needle, I couldn’t.

It’s about then that I remembered that I gave mine to my niece Jody…but I was pretty sure I had one at home.  I was pretty sure I knew where it was.  I’ll admit to being oh-so tempted to just run over to JoAnn’s and buy a new one but I withheld.  I didn’t go.  I decided to wait and check when I got home.

Well remember I had “all the time to do nothing” while I was in the hospital.  That lead me to the computer and looking at punch needle projects.  Oh my.  I should have never looked.  See??

image 0

image 0

image 0
I kind of have a chicken theme going on.
image 0
Oh my.  I can see now that I never should have looked.
image 0
Happily I knew I had a couple things to finish up before I get too tempted…but before I even get tempted, I better see if I even had a Punch Needle.

So Sunday night once I got home I looked and there it was.  Ah..I remember.  I bought this just as Country Threads was closing.  I even bought an extra kit I had forgotten about…and Country Threads bag.

Oh my, this has been sitting for a long time.  It is time to dust this hobby off.

As tempted as I am to pick it up right now and and give it a try, I am passing.  I’m putting it in my busy bag and will give it a try next time we end up in the doctor’s office or with our luck, in the hospital.  At least it’s something pleasant to look forward to should we end up there.

So have you tried punch needle??

14 thoughts on “Packing My Stitchy Bag”

  1. I am just beginning to learn punch needle and I love it! Almost done with my 1st project and I have 2 more lined up.

  2. Oh my never heard of punch needle but I see it in my future. With my inability to sit for periods of time (breast cancer that metastasized to the bone) I’m looking for hobbies I can do laying down. Punch needle just might be an option. So thank you!

    I’m so glad you figured out the need for the grab and go bags filled with things you need and things to entertain. I might also suggest you pack snacks in your grab and go. Also, keep food stuff on a shelf for grabbing. I had all those things ready when taking care of my Mom during her cancer bout. Made life so much easier. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. I have never tried punch needle but I can’t wait to see your project! You are so smart to plan ahead and have everything ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  4. I love punchneedle..I learned from Country Threads…I haven’t done it for a time…I have to pick it up again …Love to figure out how to frame or put it on something…love , love it.

    Prayers for you.


  5. Shelly Heronemus

    Punch Needle! Ive been trying but I am not having any luck wiht he correct fabric that i dont end up punching out…Can you please help me with what kind of fabric I should use….
    Enjoy your blog and your flosstube was fun too…Praying for you all

  6. Love needlepunch. Did you know you can trace simple cross stitch patterns on to punch fabric and make them 3D?

  7. Judith Fairchild

    I tried punch needle. Being left handed it wouldn’t work for me as the tool was right hand only. Love the looks of it though. You’re very smart to have the grab and go stuff thought out packed and repacked as needed. When you’re taking care of critical care person they can’t wait for the caregiver to get things ready to go. I know I’ve been there. Keep up the good things you’ve doing.

  8. Haven’t tried punch needle but do like the look of it. That and wool appliqué are two crafts I could really fall for. For now though I don’t have space for another craft and its’ supplies. Maybe someday.

  9. Oh my goodness – me? Another craft? LOL! Like my mom used to say, “You need another craft like you need another hole in your head!” Very lovingly of course!
    Glad you found something to do during your long stays at the hospital and at appointments.
    Continued prayers!

  10. Many years ago I did do punch needle and I enjoyed seeing those patterns that caught your eye. I don’t feel to tempted to pick it back up but its a fun needle craft.

  11. Never tried punch needle. . .but need to get a handwork project packed up and in the car. Finished crocheting my afghan, but will be looking at construction stops in my commute for the next two weeks. Finding time to get myself organized is my struggle. Sending love and prayers.

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