Packing My Bag

With Hubby’s news, I decided I might as well pack a busy bag.  I’ll be needing it.  In fact, I took it with me on Wednesday when we went to have the PET Scan done.  Having it with is wonderful….

This is the bag I usually take when I’m going to the doctor.  It holds so much.   Jean in Blair, NE made it for me.  I adore it.  (Jean if you’re reading this please drop me a note at  I have salvages I’d love to send to you.)  The bag is reversible and the other side is all selvages and I worry I’ll get it all dirty…so this side stays out.

I always have my English Paper Piecing in a bag ready to grab.

This little bag has so many troubled times stitched into it.  I stitched dozens of little hexagons through the many trips back and forth while my mother-in-law was ailing and in the nursing home.

I stitched dozens waiting in the waiting room while Hubby had doctor appointments and surgery on his finger.

I stitched dozens while waiting for my own cancer appointments.

Now I stitch again.  I am TERRIBLE at only sitting.  I’m TERRIBLE at roaming the hospital.  I do best to simply sit and stitch.  It keeps my brain from thinking too much…the what ifs, the whys.  I don’t want to focus on that…so I stitch all of those hard thoughts into this quilt.  It’s therapy.

I did spent a little extra time and kitted up a couple cross stitch projects.  I’d rather have things ready and not need them then wishing I had them.

I have this one…
It’s a Lizzy Kate Winter String pattern.  I’m changing the colors up.  I started reading cross stitcher Priscilla’s blog and she did it with other colors and I really liked it.

and this one ready to go.

I changed a color in this too….So all of this is going in my bag.  I could be gone for a month and likely still have something to do.  Thankfully it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

I am ever so thankful for busy work.  It will take me through this next family medical ride.

I’ve got a couple snacks…and a drink…and a magazine or two.

I also have my cross stitch light that Janet B sent to me.  I so appreciate it Janet.

I’m going to stitch my worries into these projects.  It’s so much more productive than outright worry…or crying…so I’ll stitch.

As always, I’ll let you know more when I know more.   Look for a post on Tuesday morning with an update on what we learned at the Monday appointments. Thanks for being patient with me as far as answering emails and managing all the blog stuff.

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  1. Your busy bag looks full of great projects. I am one who can’t sit and do nothing. I also can’t read a book unless it is really quiet so I usually have hand projects too. I am always envious of people who can nap in the waiting rooms! Keep your mind busy. Prayers and hugs.

  2. What a great bag and you are so right, if our hands are busy, our minds can stay a little calmer. Prayers and positive thoughts as you travel this road yet again. As for the blog, take care of your family first, we will still be here.

  3. Love the bag Jean made for you! How thoughtful! I always have a book and some sort of handwork for appointments and riding in the car. It’s surprising what you can get done with a few minutes here and there! Much better than worrying!

  4. Jo, I too take hand sewing to work on during medical appts and flying. Strikes up great conversation in airports. Will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! (((Hugs))) to you.

  5. I always take my projects along for Hubby’s medical days. He had a massive heart attack at 34, a heart transplant at 47 and now all of the follow up appointments. I think I’ve spent a year of my life in waiting rooms. He’s 63 now and still going strong! My favorite take along projects are EPP and embroidery.

  6. I’m the same way. I always need something to do with my hands, so I totally understand. I wanted to let you know I have started praying for your husband and will continue to do so until he is cured.

  7. My friend, you may have THOUGHT you were writing a post on this quilted, filled busy bag, but it was about so much more than that. This was a beautiful post, my favorite so far and a blessing to start my Saturday morning with. ((Thank you)).

  8. My busy bag keeps me sane while traveling so I know how important one is. You’re smart too I have yours loaded with multiple projects. Hugs ‘n Prayers for you and all of your family. Remember to take it one day at a time.

  9. Hand work while you are waiting in a doctors office or at the hospital is a good thing. Prayers for your husband and family are being lifted up for a full recovery.

  10. I bought a head lamp to use when the light is too low to cross stitch. Just an idea. You may have one hanging around the house. Mine is super small and attached to a headband. Good luck with all the waiting. I have been spending a lot of time in the doctor’s office myself in the past year and always pack something to do. Maybe pack a few snacks too. Good luck with it all!

  11. I have a small yazzi bag i have packed with hexi and applique projects. It makes worry waiting soooo much easier. Positive thoughts coming your way.

  12. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I always have a busy bag, even if I am visiting family! Lots of healing, positive energy heading your way.

  13. Hope that the Dr. has good news for you and your family. Keeping your hands and mind busy always help pass some time. Prayers for all of you. I always have a bag packed with a small project to grab it always helps to calm me.

  14. I add my prayers for your hubby.s complete recovery. Thank goodness you nagged him to get that scan! I too carry small handwork projects to keep me busy when waiting in doctor’s office, hospital waiting room, etc as my husband has had several operations in the last few years. He is doing great now. Love to you and your family.
    Jean Klein

  15. You know you are packing all of us and our prayers and support for your family in that bag, too!! WE’RE GOING WiTH YOU!! ❤️

  16. I never thought of taking my epp out of the house. That’s a good travel project though. I knit socks like a madwoman during my dad’s open heart surgery and recovery. I would have gone crazy otherwise. I’d say you’re well prepared, but if I could be so bold, pack a small encouragement type book, or Bible, or get an app for one on your phone. Even with busy hands do you sometimes find your mind racing? At those times His word helps beyond measure.

  17. Hugs, prayers and positive thoughts for both of you! I, too, take a bag of quilting whenever I have an appointment or my sweetheart has had surgery or my daughter has had surgery! Or my son has had surgery. It definitely helps keep hands and mind busy. You and hubby have an enormous amount of prayers coming from a world full of Quilters! I have faith it will all turn out fine. ❤️

  18. Thoughts and prayers for you and hubby and you go through this trying time. God has been good to you all and will continue, so do not lose your courage. Your faith is great and He knows it. I, too, carry a busy bag as I cannot just sit. Best wishes for you and your family. Love you letter every day.

  19. Having a variety of things is a great idea. When I stayed with my son while he was going through chemo I brought some hand stitchery work, my iPad, some magazines, crossword puzzles and sudoku. It was good to have things that took concentration and things that did not. Continued prayers!

  20. What an awesome bag to tote your projects. I usually take a couple different projects I guess because I get bored with just one. That bag full of goodies will be a comfort to you. God bless and don’t worry about the blog, etc. Take care of you and the family. Hugs!

  21. I too have a busy bag! Knitting and crocheting in mine. I have a small change purse in mine, too. Just in case the drink or snack doesn’t get into the bag, I have change for a vending machine!

  22. Hi Jo–My busy bag held bright acrylic yarn for knitting hats to donate to Coats for Kids every October. The year that our Cancer Journey began was the first year I could donate 125 hats to that charity because I spent so much time in waiting rooms. When my hands could touch that colorful yarn, I could forget the sad thoughts and fears, and I could move into a place of blessing whatever child was going to get one of my happy looking hats to wear to school with their new coat. Funny how the hard times became a way for me to encourage a child to keep on keepin’ on.

  23. Jo, my prayers are with your family. It’s good that you have a close, loving family. I always keep a small project bag ready to go, since you never know when you might need one. Hang in there!

  24. hi Jo,
    I need to get one of these going also. I have the necessary pieces to do English Paper Piecing – so will do that. I also do punch needle, and that one is ready to go, and has been with me many times.
    Continued prayers!

  25. Thoughts and prayers! I love my lamp like yours! Don’t forget your chargers ( or external battery is what I use with my lamp). Being prepared can take some of the anxiety out of the unknown and you already know WHO holds tomorrow.

  26. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your hubby to have a full and speedy recovery. I’m sure they found it early enough with your gentle reminders to look after himself and get fully checked out. I love the sweet busy bag your friend gifted you. I just finished making mine and sorting projects. We will have to be in Vancouver for my DH to have treatment for 14 weeks. I’m relearning how to quilt by hand, do embroidery, crossstitch and knitting Knitted Knockers for breast cancer survivors. How does your light work and what brand is it? I’m hoping I can find one since my cataracts don’t allow me to see as well as I used to and my surgery will have to wait a while. Take care of yourself Jo and know that this on line community is sending positive thoughts, prayers and many virtual hugs your way.

  27. Your busy bag has some wonderful projects to keep your hands busy. I usually pack a good book or a few of my quilt magazines. I still love to hold a book in my hands, no kindle reading for me. We will all be with you on this journey with our thoughts and prayers, is there room in your busy bag for us. Take care Jo.

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