Overnight with Georgie

Due to some sickness around here, I ended with Georgia for two overnights last week.  For those of you new here, Georgia is our 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter.   Our oldest Kelli is her mom.

I met Kelli at the doctor’s office to get here on Friday morning.  Georgie needed a flu shot and the boys had a six-month check-up.  Yes, Kelli’s twin boys are already 6 months old.

Eli has been having some problems with ear infections.  He got one well over a month ago and it hasn’t completely healed.  They put him on a third round of antibiotics and if it doesn’t get better this time, he’s on a fast track to getting tubes put in his ears.  I feel sorry for the guy.  The infection leaves him with a cough and that’s not good either.  Hopefully, this round will cover it.

Georgie and I stopped at the thrift store on the way home and I let her get this eagle finger puppet for 25 cents.  She was in love.  She has a thing about eagles.  There is a river in town a block from my house.  There are a lot of bald eagles that swim over looking for fish.  In general, we have a high population of eagles all around our area.  If one was trying to see one, I am sure you could see one weekly if not more.

While we were at the thrift store, I found some tractors.  These are all small ones that fit in a hand.  Gannon, my grandson that is Georgia’s age, adores these.  I had to laugh looking at the prices.  The John Deere ones were 75 cents each and the New Holland in blue was only 50 cents.  Even the people at the thrift store know to price John Deere higher.  In real life, John Deere tractors are higher priced.  HA!!

Gannon has taken to loving the New Holland one.  He takes it everywhere with him.  I wish I had money to buy him a whole fleet of little tractors this sized.  He’s so crazy about them.  Incidentally, the farm where Craig, Gannon’s dad works, has a couple of blue tractors.

Georgie wanted to do quilting…so she…completely rearranged the quilt pieces that I was trimming down.  UGH.  It’s totally worth it if it helps her get interested in quilting…but it was a mess to reorganize.

She is such a busy body.

One of the things that happens often around here is that kids “do my hair”.

Here is Georgie in action.

People say the two of us look alike and I guess maybe we do.  I don’t have that mischievous fire in my eyes though.

She can’t quite figure out how to do clips so she often lays things on my head or has me put the clip where she tells me to put it.

I need to look for some kid-friendly clips that her little hands can work more efficiently.

We had a great couple of days together.

I’ve told you all before that Georgie has a mind of her own and is full of what her Papa Moo would call “piss and vinegar”.   I love her so much!  I don’t mind the “piss and vinegar”.   I’d rather a kid with a little spunk any day…and let me tell you, this girl has spunk.

She was actually much better than normal for me.  I’m so glad I was able to take her.

On Friday night Auntie Kayla came and she and Georgie did yoga.

None of us can figure out where she learned this from.  Kelli was working so we took this video to show her how much Georgie knows.  She did a great job for a 2-year-old.  Goodness knows yoga would be good for her…she could use a little calmness.

On Saturday Kayla and I ran to town before we went to a wedding.  I was in Walmart with Georgie and Kayla was at Goodwill.  A lady came up to Georgie and I introduced herself.  She is a blog reader from the area.  It was so fun.

I enjoyed my couple of days with her and hope to be able to do it again sometime.  As I said, she is a busy girl with lots of attitude, but I sure do love her!!

18 thoughts on “Overnight with Georgie”

  1. How fun!! I loved the video of the yoga workout! Georgie is such a beautiful little doll. Maybe she will like quilting since mama and grandma both are setting such a good example.

  2. She looks like both you and Gannon. Those spit fire kids are often so smart. I’m sure mom has her hands full. Cute yoga…that was awesome!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Got to love our grandbabies. Georgia is a love. Yes you do have a bit of that mischievous fire in your eyes it’s a good thing because you get things done. The quilting pieces
    mix-up was her trying to find the best way to put them together. My now 7 and 8 year granddaughters like to play with my fabric , they have learned to put things back hooray for budding quilters.

  4. Love the Papa Moo reference to the loving character trait of a little piss and vinegar! Might have a bit of that myself.

  5. Georgie knows her totem animal – the free-spirited Bald Eagle. Her medicine is helping others to step out of their comfort zone. ❤

  6. You look like both Georgie and Gannon. You are very lucky to have such a good relationship with your children and grandchildren

  7. You’re such a good grandma! And don’t you love when they “quilt” with you? My grands used to do that – especially my grandson. He would take scraps and throw them up in the room and tell me it’s raining . Kids- gotta love ’em. And that yoga! So cute!
    Love and prayers

  8. The video of Kayla and Georgia is adorable. Lucky Georgia to get to spend a few days with you and your hair looks marvelous!

  9. My Granddaughter started out playing with the fabric. Now she is grown, quilting, and has her own helper. Love it.

  10. So cute! I noticed in the wedding videos that she has a little brother that looks just like her. I wonder if he will have the same attitude as he grows? Mom sure will have her hands full. But it takes a village and you all provide that with so much love. Best wishes to you all.

  11. My granddaughters, ages 3 and almost 2, are loving watching Kayla and Georgie! The 3 year old keeps wanting to hug Georgie

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