Over Break

I was looking through pictures the other day and realized I blogged very little about Christmas and Christmas break.  I had a whirlwind of fun and much because Kayla and Jasper came for a visit.

Jasper hasn’t been here much due to Covid since school started so it was a big treat to spend time with him.  Gannon was so surprised to see that Jasper was a big boy and not all baby.

Here is Kalissa holding Jasper on the left and Kayla holding Gannon on the right.  The boys actually belong to the opposite girl.

Jasper had fun playing with all of Grandma Jo’s toys as they were all new to him.  His favorite was likely the shopping cart.

In the middle of Kayla’s visit the Friedman’s, Kalissa’s family, had a wedding that Kalissa and the boys were in.  This is the same wedding that I made the quilt for.

Kalissa was off with the bridal party so getting the boys ready was left to Craig, Kayla, and I.

Here’s Carver in his outfit.  For anyone wondering, Carver’s suit came from Amazon.  I think it was something like $35 which is much better than renting a tux for a ring bearer.  Here’s a link to Amazon for them.

I told him he had to look handsome so he found his smile back.

Once the boys were already, Kalissa stopped by to pick them up.  We quickly took a couple of pictures of them being they were all dressed up so nice.  Here they are…

While Kayla was here we did some experimenting.  We made Dalgona Coffee.

This is the recipe.

2 tbsp instant coffee

1-2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp boiling water

Whisk until it’s fluffy or your arm falls off, whichever happens first.  We used the immersion blender.

Spoon over ice and 1 cup of milk.

Top with a drizzle of the best caramel this side of the Mississippi.  For us, that’s Caramel from Grazing Goats Dairy.  The farm is located north of us.  Kayla’s classmates own the business.  You can check them out HERE.  You can order the caramel sauce there…YUM!!

I really liked it.

We tried making lefse…

It was an epic fail.  We’ll try again.  We’re brave like that.  We made Spritz cookies too but I’ll tell you about that in another post.

We had so much fun.  Kalissa ended up bringing Gannon back and we took care of him.  The wedding hoopla was too much for him.  I’m so glad she did.  Kayla got to know Gannon on his own.  I love Carver dearly but he is a handful and often casts a shadow on sweet Gannon.

..and look at Rosie.  Kayla got to see that she has grown up and is much better now too.

I’m so happy Kayla and Jasper could come for a visit.  It was so fun.  Sadly, this day is the last day I saw Carver and Gannon.  We decided out of caution being they were at the wedding that they would stay away from me just in case they somehow ended up with Covid.  I was scheduled to start taking the kids again on Wednesday but, Kalissa’s family did end up with covid.  All four of them have it.

They had to have picked it up somewhere over Christmas break… somewhere where they all were as they all got it at the same time.  I’m suspicious it might have been the wedding but who knows.

Thinks are pretty tough at their house Gannon hasn’t taken it well at all.  He has croup and was in the ER Monday overnight, to the doctor Tuesday morning, and back to the ER Tuesday afternoon.  Treatment might have been easier if Gannon could keep down his medicine but every time Kalissa gave him the steroid he needs he would vomit.  So no medicine got into him.  The last time she went they ended up giving him a shot.

Carver was to the doctor as he has croup with it as well.  Normally if he gets croup there is full out war to get him to take the meds.  Not now.  He isn’t tasting things so it has taken the meds like a charm.

Things are pretty tough there and I feel awful that I can’t help.  Normally I jump right in but this time, they are on their own and it hurts my heart not to be able to be there.

Being this all happened, I opted to not go to Jasper’s birthday party.  He turned one on Monday and they were to have Grandparents only for a giant cookie and pizza.

So…with that, I opened the post with lots of happiness and fun and ended it with some not so fun.  All in all, we’re doing okay and I’m so glad we were able to sneak in a visit with Kayla and Jasper.  It was the perfect way to end 2020.

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  1. i am so sorry some of your family has covid. this seems to be the classic way it is occurring, just family for just this special event and it slips in some way. No I am not condemning. we have to have a life. what was everyone supposed to do just put a wedding on hold or just do a justice ceremony /? not my intention at all it is just such a sneaky contagious mess. Well wishes and quick recovery to all. so sorry so unfair result .

  2. Hi, I know exactly how you feel about Kalissa’s family my daughter and her family had COVID at Thanksgiving. Katie my daughter was the sickest and the baby 7 months old was also sick. Nora went from being and easy baby to a baby that didn’t sleep. I was so very frighten for the four of them. The strange part Riley who is 5 never got Covid, but it was hard for her being in the house for almost 5 weeks. I was so frustrated that I could only shop for food for them and send in meals for the entire time. We think that Katie probably got Covid at work. She is a High School teacher and they are doing in person school.


  3. Prayers for your family! I hope they recover quickly!! Hard for you to stay away but it would do no good for you to get it too. Stay safe! Jasper is a cutie and I love Kalissa’s family pic.

  4. You have a beautiful family! I’m so sorry that Kalissa & her family have Covid. I’m praying for them, a full and accelerated healing.

  5. I love that picture of Carver – such a typical little boy. LOL.
    Hoping they all get over it quickly. I can’t imagine having the whole family down at once! Prayers for them and for you!
    Love and prayers

  6. Happy Birthday, Jasper!!! It looks like you had a fun visit, Jo. So sorry to hear about Kalissa’s family having Covid!! While it was risky to attend that wedding, there’s still a chance that her family was exposed at some other time. Hoping they will all feel better soon!

    1. It was risky to attend the wedding but so hard. The boys were both ring bearer’s as the bride is Gannon’s Godmother and the bride is Kalissa’s best friend and has been since about sixth grade!! I didn’t go but was invited. So glad I stayed home.

  7. Praying for Kalissa’s family. Hope they are better soon! I found a fabric packet of 3 1 yard pieces that the boys might like. It is on the Pineapple Fabrics website and is called heavy equipment. Not sure if this is something you might want or need, but is a really cute boy fabric!

  8. Happy for you that you got to be with your family…they looked so handsome/pretty. I’m so sorry to hear that some of the family members have covid. I hope everyone recovers quickly and the rest of the family stays healthy.

  9. The boys look so very handsome in their suits. I’m sure they could not wait to get back to their comfortable clothes. Hope everyone recovers quickly and feels better soon. Best.

  10. :) Um, how does a person of Swedish decent have a fail at making lefse? My Norwegian friend told me it was hard to make unless you were Scandinavian…hahaha apparently it is hard for them too! I would LOVE to try and make it because I love trying foods from other countries…we are lucky that so many foods from around the world are regional foods in our country. Please show us the next time you all try!! I could travel around the country and just try different foods…which explains why my pants are always a little tight.

    1. The Swedish comes from my dads side. My mom never made it…My paternal grandmother died 16 years before I was born so she didn’t pass it on to me either. Thus I am a gal of Swedish decent without Lefse making skills.

  11. As soon as you started writing about them going to wedding, I thought, “Oh, no! I hope that doesn’t go bad!”…and then it did. :( My niece was supposed to get married in May of 2020, here in Massachusetts, but they postponed to May of 2021 so they’d be able to have the wedding they wanted. And now of course, who knows what May of 2021 is going to look like? Certainly not a situation of “no restrictions, invite as many as you want to and can afford to invite.” I know they’re thinking about their options now.

    Weddings, birthday parties, holidays, and even little conversations with friends and/or neighbors have all been completely messed up this past year. It’s hard for sure. I’m so sorry Kalissa’s family ended up with COVID; I hope they get through it safely and don’t have the long-term effects some have. It must be so hard for you not to be able to help, but please stay safe.

    I’m glad you had some time with Kayla and Jasper. All your grandchildren are ADORABLE. Carver looked so handsome in his suit.

    Good health to all!

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