Outside Update #2

Good news..good news.  Hubby finished refurbishing the arch and we have it out where it will eventually be.

This is the north side of the garage.  Hubby recently plotted out our garden area and put Round Up on the area to kill the grass.  We’re hoping to till it up, get some fertilizer on and make sure it’s ready for next year.  It was kind on sad to kill the grass.  Sadly, it was the one part of the lawn that we actually had decent grass growing in.

The brown shed is the neighbor’s and the white garage is ours.

Garden plans include a row of flowers at the front of the garden where the arch is.  Veggies will be in the rest.  We’ve decided to move the raspberries and rhubarb to the west side of the white garage so they are a little out site making the yard look a little cleaner.


We’re hoping to get more grass seeded down just after the wedding when it’s not so hot and the growing conditions are a little better.

The front lawn looks better all the time…and did you see??  We have a new neighbor.  The house next door that has been for sale for over two years finally sold.   The family has three tween-aged boys and three little dogs.

Ruby slipped out of her collar one day so she could go over and meet them.  She’s also been a little more bark-y than normal as she isn’t used to seeing people so close.  It’s an adjustment and she’s doing okay with it…but as with all things it’s a little slow.

You can see by the photo that we ended up having to put a room air conditioner in our bedroom.  I was hoping we wouldn’t have to but we did.  It was plenty warm upstairs over the winter but cold air doesn’t rise in the summer so it’s a little warmer.  Nothing horrible.  We typically only run it a few times a week but I sure am glad we have it.

That’s the current outside update.  Soon Hubby will be doing some dirt work though to prep for the new grass areas.  Have I said how excited I am for that to happen??  I’d love to let the kids run in the sprinkler but there’s not a spot that wouldn’t immediately turn into mud yet.

I know patience, patience.  You’d think that by now I would have gained some.

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  1. I love the house updates!!! One of my beagles had some trouble with our move last year. We moved from a quiet culdesac to a busier neighborhood. He wasn’t used to all the traffic and people. He’s adjusted too. One day I saw him staring out the window and went to investigate. The view from the front of our house is the street and then the side of another house. They have a trampoline in their backyard. Chase was seeing a child in the air and then the child would ‘disappear’! He couldn’t figure out what was going on!!! Good luck with the garden!

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