Outside Update #1

Over a month ago we finally got one spot landscaped.  We need more there and need it to grow to fill in but it’s a start.


I need to weed a little more often too…but we’re going with progress one step at a time.

I have never had a shade area to plant in before so this is a new experience for me.  This is the north side of the house so shade rules this area.

I had a couple plants at the farm house that were on the north side of the house and did okay so Hubby and I dug them up and brought them to town….The plants weren’t happy with the move.


My climbing rose turned brown and looked dead.  I was going to dig it out but was hoping to talk Hubby into digging it out because the entire plant was brown and dead.  I didn’t want to touch it as when we transplanted it I was pricked by the stem and ended up with a nasty-really nasty-reaction.  Within seconds the back of my hand broke out in a rash and was on fire itchy.  After taking allergy meds I still had itching and raised bumps the next morning.

Well the plant didn’t get dug out and didn’t get dug out then over the weekend Hubby called me outside saying I’d never believe it..and I didn’t.  The rose is sending out new healthy shoots.

I’ll wait until fall but now I am going to have trim the whole thing back.  Watch out for itchies from these thorns…ugh.  But my plant is alive so I’ll try not to complain too bad.  In the meantime it sure is an eye sore though.

The other plant I brought from the farm is a gift from my brother Jule.  My parents had this plant on the north side of their house when we were growing up.  My dad always said there was no way to kill the stuff.  I definitely stunted it when it was transplanted.   Happily it too is coming back to life.  You can see all the brighter green new growth.

I also planted in three bleeding hearts and two astilbees (likely spelled wrong).  Sometime when plants are clearance out this fall I want to get a couple columbine too.

Next year the impatients will be planted a little thicker and will be red.  This year all they had left was pink by the time I got to the nursery.

It’s slow progress but I’ll take it.  I’ll have another outside update in a day or two.

6 thoughts on “Outside Update #1”

  1. I planted some new flowers before we left for the retreat and came back to find them shriveled up. Guess they didn’t get enough water. Or too much sun, or just didn’t like me.

  2. Amazing that this was planted just a month ago! Such an inviting entry with the pink flowers against the lovely dark green bushes ~ truly lovely, Jo!!

  3. Maybe you could try ‘preen’ in your garden area. It prevents weeds from growing – it’s a pre- emergent. You can read about it on their website and amazon has free shipping last time I ordered. I love it and apply every early spring.

  4. Hang in there… In a couple of years everything will look fine! Gardening takes patience, lots and lots… Your yard looks good!

  5. Looking forward to meeting you in Blue Earth this weekend. I have 3 bags of scraps for you…I’ll be working at the Boutique until 1:30. if you could stop by there I’ll go bring my car to yours and we can unload…if you have room! I’ll have to take off right after you speak to go to a parade…so hope this works for you.

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