Outside My Window

I was making supper and looked out my window to see this.


Hubby is standing in the skid loader bucket filling the seed tender.  Oh it makes me nervous seeing him stand up there.  Typically the seed is purchased in bulk.  Different fields get different seed so the left over seed is cleaned out of the planter and put back into the seed tender.  The seed tender has two compartments.  The seed from the planter was put into one compartment and seed from the other compartment was put into the planter.


Now they are ready to go again….
So far, we have been fairly lucky.  We’ve gotten rain which has delayed planting but we have haven’t gotten huge amounts that keep the out of the field for days and days like Hubby’s relation in Minnesota has had.

The neighboring towns have had some storm damage loosing trees and power outages.  We were lucky…just rain for us.  Hopefully we can catch a dry week of weather and the guys could finish up with the spring planting.

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  1. OMG, that is a HUGE planter! Hubby grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and his family always tells the story of his grandpa planting the corn with a hand-held planter and how fast he was…he would marvel at today’s technology. Thanks for sharing.

  2. In my area the backhoe bucket is used as a forklift to lift the man up to change the light bulb in outdoor flood lights on the second story. Very scary.

  3. being that i’m a quilter, i was looking at your second picture and wondering how many yards of fabric those individual plastic seed containers on the planter would hold. hehe.
    i’m glad that you’re getting some cooperative weather for the planting season. I know that this late extended Winter season hasn’t been friendly to the farmers.

  4. Daisy Christopherson

    Almost 3 years ago my nephew and my brother were trimming some trees in their shelterbelt and since this was the way they had done it for 30 years my brother was up in the bucket. Well he miss stepped and feel 12 feet and broke both of his legs. He was off his feet for almost 3 months but healed well and is doing great. Don’t think he will try that one again anytime soon. I had had my very first broken bone about two weeks before that and since he always has to outdo me he did a spectacular job of it. Tell Hubby to just always be very carefull.

  5. I’m a city girl . That machinery is impressive, especially to me! Tell your husband I said thank you for the work he does. I would be a terrible farmer, but I still like to eat! I enjoy your blog, I love quilting, and I love auctions

  6. I hope they are able to get done soon. Mine finished the last of the planting on Saturday. What a relief after the wet spring we’ve had! Now we’re anxious for rain because it’s so dry. DH is worried that we’ll have another drought like last year. So now we just wait for the wheat to mature…

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