Outside Improvements

Hubby has really been pushing himself.  He’s started to hear his fall harvest clock ticking.  There aren’t that many more days until his time for making improvements around here comes to an end-at least until harvest is over.

Along the street by the mailbox it was muddy and yucky.  He took the skid loader and dug out the dirt…then ordered a load of gravel.


He’s been getting other things done outside too.  The plot for the garden has been sprayed.  The eaves for the house have been buried on this side.  He’s made the “stall” for the visitor parking north of the garage.

Most every night he’s busy with something.

That load of rock needed to be put in place.  He started out by filling in along the mailbox.  Our neighbor that moved in next door came over and helped him….I love small town.  Like most town dwellers we were nervous about who would buy the house next door wondering if they would be “ok”.  Well I am happy to report that they are more than ok.


After the mailbox area got rock the driveway was next on the list.  The rest of the rock went on it.  I was so happy about that.  There was a low spot that we’d get some water to sit in and of course it was a magnet for the kiddos.  The second there was any rain and we were outside the kids were trying to get in the puddle.


The puddle is no more and I couldn’t be happier!

I went back in the archives to see just where we were with the house at about this time last year….There wasn’t a garage..just a cement spot for it to get built on.


Sometimes over the last eight months since we moved I get a little frustrated and think wow-we still have a lot to do.  Then I look in the archives and think wow-we’ve come a long way baby.

I sure am happy with the improvements Hubby has been working on.  The think I’m not so happy about…fall is coming and that means harvest is just around the corner.  I hate being a farm harvest wife widow.

Hubby has more to do so keep watching…more updates to come.

5 thoughts on “Outside Improvements”

  1. Everything is coming together nicely. As a farmer’s wife, I understand about being a harvest widow too. Hope for good harvesting weather and hang in there!

  2. ? “The eaves for the house have been buried on this side.”?
    Usually I can figure out what you mean from context, but the only “eaves” I can think of are part of the roof overhang. No way they could be buried. What are you really trying to say here?

  3. Harvest widow. . .means sewing time, right? Hope you are getting that wedding quilt tackled. . .missing you in Nebraska!

  4. I understand “harvest widow” even though we aren’t farmers. I am a “deer widow” and an “elk widow” at least twice a year as my hubby is a hunter. I don’t mind though. I love the meat and it gives me lots of time to play in my sewing room!

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