Outdoor Happening

Sunday was a busy day outside.  Hubby and I both thought it best that whatever garden that’s going to be planted in the next couple weeks needs to get planted before I take my radioactive iodine pill.  I do the garden planting so that left me scrambling to get a little of it done.

In went the onions and the beets.  I’ll plant a little more on Wednesday and hopefully we’ll miss any freeze.  It’s a little early here for some things but it’s the best we can do this year.


I also took Ruby on a bike ride.  Oh she loves being hooked on the leash next to me and run along side.It nice that I have the basket for my bike now too.  I ended up taking a bag of things and firetruck in my basket and road over to Kalissa’s.  I can’t say enough good things about my Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Basket.  I use it quite often.  (I forgot to have Kalissa take a picture with me and bike and the basket and Ruby-next time.  Anyway the basket easily comes off the bike and carries like a regular basket.  It’s so cool.

After the ride I got home and went straight to the computer and ordered a rear view mirror for the bike.  For safety, I need it.  I can’t turn my head on my bike like I could when I was a kid.  I’d just feel a little safer about riding.

While all that was happening Hubby got off work and started in on his outdoor jobs…lawn mowing and weed eating.

It was off to the garden center for us.  We had ordered two apple trees last fall and they were in.  One is a Honeycrisp and the other a Fireside.  Once there I got a few annual flower plants (again it’s early but again, I don’t know if it’s the best for the plants if I plant them while I am radioactive).  I have some started in the basement but by the time they are ready I think I’ll have the all clear… anyway, one rhubarb plant came home with us too.  We have five already but Hubby loves all things rhubarb (I do too) so we got a sixth…oh and asparagus came with us too.

The flowers are planted…the trees are planted too.


It was such a beautiful day that we were happy to be outside and tackling some of our chores.

I’ve said it before but I will say it again and again….I love our home.  Doing all these things at a home I love with the man I love makes life real good.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I do miss Rhubarb so much!! Some of my best memories and tastes from Iowa are Rhubarb! I remember reaching through a neighbor’s fence to break off a stalk to chew on while on a way to a friend’s house. I can sometimes find some stalks at our grocery store here in Texas but it’s wilted…not crisp. I also miss either dipping it into sugar for that sweet taste or salt for that sour taste. Oh the wonderful childhood memories! I’m afraid to try to grow it here for fear of failure. Thanks for the memories Jo!!

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