Errand for Kalissa

Last week on Thursday Kalissa and went on a grocery run.  I’ve been trying to stay home or and if I’m out I try to be pretty careful.  I wear a mask all the time now even though I have my booster shot.  Being I’m taking oral chemo, it compromises my immune system.

Anyway, we thought it was safe to go south of our home to the Amish settlement.  They have a bent and dent grocery store we often go to.  We were the only ones at the grocery store besides two other pairs of people and we could easily stay away from them so that was good.

On the way home Kalissa asked if I minded if we stop in Sumner and go to Maker’s Market.  Kalissa sells things there on consignment.  She was bringing a few of her stationery sets.

You all might remember the quilt I made that is currently on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting was inspired by a quilt I bought from this store.

The store was all decked out for Christmas.  Look how Sally, the owner, took spindle pieces, put a hook and eye in one end, and hung them from the ceiling to look like icicles.  So CUTE.

Everything was decked out for Christmas.  Kalissa and I ended up shopping too.  There weren’t many people there so I felt okay about being there too.

There was a barn in the window.  It was an old antique wooden toy barn that I’m guessing some grandpa or dad made for his kids.  I LOVED it.  Gannon LOVED it.  Oh my, it was just something I adored.  I asked the price.  It was expensive.  Pooh.

We shopped some more.  I found a couple of spools and a couple of oil cans.  I’ve been collecting them.

That barn was still nagging on both me and Gannon.  He wanted it.  I wanted it.  Darn.  Gannon tried to sneak into the window to get to it.  I wanted to go right after him.  I loved that barn.  It had great fences with it.  Oh my, I loved that barn.  LOVED that barn.  I decided the heck with it.  I was buying the barn.  I could justify it as a childcare expense.  Right??  Right.  I was buying the barn.  I’m a farmer’s daughter and a wife.  A girl can love a barn.  Yep, I was buying that barn.  I WAS BUYING THE BARN.

I was so happy!!  Gannon was so happy!!  At the register, as I was paying I saw a small child’s cupboard and asked about it.  That was only $15.  Yes.  I was buying that too.  WOW.  I blew my money.  I blew it badly.  I didn’t care. I was buying the barn.

As Kalissa was checking out she told Sally about her quilting shirts that you all have been buying.  Sally has a small clothing selection in the store and she told Kalissa she’d love to have quilting shirts there.  So Kalissa made arrangements to bring shirts in over the weekend.  We told her we’d wait and pick up the barn then as we didn’t have room in the car and Sally didn’t have time to get it out of the window.  That worked great.

Saturday morning Kalissa asked if I would take the shirts to Maker’s Market and I could pick up my barn and toy cabinet.  I said sure…

I came to the window and the barn was gone.  Sally had …gotten it out so I could pick it up.  YAHOO!!

I gave her the shirts and decided to shop a little.  I thought you all might want to see some of the stuff in the store too.  Check out this cute wine bottle sock.

I love Maker’s Market.  They have a great selection of gift shop/decor items and vintage/antiques.

I thought hard over that drawer/shelf.  I love it.  I am going to hunt through the house and see if there is a place I can put it.

Sally changes everything out seasonally.  There is a lot of Christmas stuff now.

The store was filled with Christmas trees.

There’s a lady who consigns things there. I love her stuff.  She made the snowman heads.

If you’re ever in the Sumner area, I recommend stopping.

The display pieces are for sale too.  Isn’t that an awesome cabinet??

This buffet is so nice.  It has a mirror across the back.  Right now it’s covered with do-dads so you can’t see how pretty it really is.

Kalissa bought a chenille tree, only her’s is white.

Here is the stack of shirts and sweatshirts I bought.  That light blue is a newly released color of Kalissa’s Quiltmaker shirts.  You can find them HERE if you’re interested.

Check out the cute sewing box.  I love it!  I was good and didn’t buy it though.  For those curious, it was $22.

I always have my eyes open for quilts when I’m here.  Isn’t this one pretty?

They had a trunk filled with even more.  I didn’t even look.  I had spent all my money on the toy barn.

Here is Kalissa’s “Be Kind to your Mind” shirt.  I love this one.

Sally has a few wallets and gift-type items here too.

There were too many things to love.

I did buy two more things…ugh.  What can I say? This store is truly my kryptonite.  I always cave and buy things here.  I could go into other shops and I don’t buy a thing…this one, I buy something almost every time.  I think Sally knows my style and she has consigners that are my style too.

At the register, Sally told me that she already sold one of Kalissa’s quilter shirts while I was browsing.  How cool is that??

I’ll show you what I got in another blog post.  Let’s just say I had fun when I got home finding places for my goodies.

22 thoughts on “Errand for Kalissa”

  1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    So when do we get a picture of the barn? You are an inspiration for your positivity you show during your treatments. I pray that all goes well for you.

  2. Christine Jernigan

    What a lovely place! Easy to spend lots time and $$ there…so fun tho! Did I miss a picture of the infamous barn??? Would love to see it.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Jo, I would love seeing the barn and Gannon playing with it. Those shops are dangerous to the pocket book so many cute, beautiful unique things that are just right for somebody. When I was young a friend had a barn plus animals we would play with it whenever I would go over. Great memories. So glad you bought it.

  3. OMG!! All those toy trucks and tractors and road graders. That is my weakness. I would have been in the front window with Gannon. Us farm boys have got to have our toys. I really need to get mine out of storage and displayed somewhere so I can see them. I need to put that on my 2022 to do list.

  4. Glad you are feeling well enough to go shopping with your hubby. This store sounds wonderful, just the kind I love to find and unfortunately for my(our) wallet, I like to spend money in. Take care. You are in my prayers.

  5. Carmen Montmarquet

    I would totally love this place, always on the look out for stores like that! Can’t wait to see what you got! And I am so glad you had fun!!!!!

  6. I would love that place! I can understand why you buy things there. I can be thankful there are too many states between me and it. I can hardly wait until you show us your purchases. The barn sounds very intriguing.

  7. Jo I had to laugh at this post! Most people talk about having nearly “bought the farm”, but you BOUGHT THE BARN!! While you are trying not to “buy the farm” with your chemo. Am I the only one who thinks that is hysterical? This store sounds like one I could get lost in too.

  8. I’ll share my good shopping story. I went to Goodwill to find a frame for a crosstitch piece. Found one, plus some clothes for the grands, plus an awesome bamboo TV tray and a totally nifty basket and picture for my porch. I saw a really nice table. I hemmed and hawed but left without it. Went back the next day as I had decided to grab it. Of course it was gone, but I found a handcrafted out of beautiful wood toddler size Hoosier cabinet for $5!!!! That, I did not hesitate on! I can totally relate to your feeling about that barn. My grand daughter will adore that cabinet! Looking forward to seeing what you found. Blessings

  9. What a fun shop, I think a road trip is in order the next time I get to Iowa. I love that she is selling the t shirts, Yea!! I get compliments on mine all the time. What a clever idea to hand the spindles from the ceiling, they look so cute. Thanks for taking us along.

  10. I got one of those little sewing cabinets at a church yard sale for 10$ I really like it and keep little interesting things in it for the kids to play with. And I keep spare coasters in it too. Thank you for sharing. I love to thrift shop too!

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