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It’s so funny.  About two months ago Hubby said that he didn’t know if we should sign up and to the antique sale in Clear Lake this year.  He didn’t know if we had enough things to sell.  HA!!  What a difference a month has made.  Let me put it this way…he has bought SO much stuff that we will for sure have enough to sell….he bought THREE pick up loads of it.  So much that I can’t even keep up with blog posts about it and am going to lump all three loads which were from completely different places into one longer blog post.  Much of what he bought has already been put into storage so I can’t even take pictures but here’s what I have for you…

We got a big haul on our way from Lacrosse last Friday. We hit up an estate sale….we left with truly a truck load and spent $72.  This dresser, planers and medicine cabinet came from there.


The file cabinets filled with drill bits and tools along with the primitive cupboard came from there too.


as did this locker.


The piece I am most excited about it this…


As is it doesn’t look like much.  It has the bones and potential to be much more though.  I am soon going to be on duty to get this one stripped.  It’s going in my kitchen.  The microwave is going to be housed here giving me LOTS of storage underneath.  There will be room for some other things on top too.  I am thrilled.  The space that we have for this is perfect…not an inch to big or and inch too small.

Hubby has to do a little work with it.  The drawers running boards need a little improving.  I love this and am thrilled with the potential.  Hubby came up with the idea so I’m super happy with him.  The projects that we work on together are always my favorite.

He’s picked up a few small things too…..Containers, cupboards and wooden boxes are some of our favorite things to collect.


Here’s an old coal pail…


That came from a garage sale in Cresco along with this trunk….


and this trunk too.  This one is especially cool.  There are two shallow trunks that were put together to make one big trunk.


We always go through a big debate when things come in…do we simply clean things and resell them….do we varnish them?  It’s hard to know what to do to make them sell the best.

Here’s one project he already has in, finished and ready for sale.  This one is a wooden card table.  Hubby had to rebuilt a support for the legs and then he sanded it down and varnished it.


Hubby isn’t the only that’s been hauling in things…I hauled this in.  It’s kids sized.  I bought it at the thrift store for $12.  The bench lifts and there is a “toy box” under.


This isn’t old but I’d like if for childcare.  As is, it’s too light colored of wood for our house.  I need Hubby to do a little work on the bottom and then I plan to chalk paint it.  I think I am going with the graphite color of Annie Sloan paint.  I can’t decide for sure what to do with it.  It is the perfect size for a spot that I have…Also it gives me more storage for toys.  How could I pass it up?

I’ll putz and try a few things before I decide for sure what I’m going to do but so far, those are the options I’m exploring…

We had the best time out junking.  I’m so glad we both like to do it.  We really do need to get some of this fixed up and cleaned before we get anymore things but you know us…we can’t say no to thrifting, junking or auctions.  I really want to work hard on the cabinet for the kitchen while Hubby is in the field and surprise him….wish me luck on that.


11 thoughts on “Out Junking”

  1. Looks like you hit the motherlode!!! I love going to thrift stores and auctions too but I never call it “junking”!!!! No it is called “treasure hunting”!!!!! Good luck with your finds! I hope you do a post on the Clear Lake sale!!!! Would you also do a post about neighbor girl? I’ve been wondering how she is doing! Have a great day!!!!

  2. We call my brother a ‘trasher’. He knows all the garbage routes in his area and would go out before they did their pickups and would rescue electronics, appliances, furniture, etc. He would work on them, get them running and then have garage sales to sell those items. Around where I live, you can’t pick up items that are on the curb, but I’ve been tempted.

  3. It all looks so interesting and I think the wooden card table is fascinating to me. I might have to send my mom over to check it out. It would make a great table in my sewing room and I love anything wood.

  4. You got some great things to refinish. I have a question about the Annie Sloan paint. I assume that you will be sanding the pieces, but do you prime them, or just put on the paint?

  5. Great stuff!! I love the toy chest. When I saw it, though, I remembered that those old toy chest lids are capable of slamming down on little fingers. Make sure you get some soft closing hinges on it like theses:

    Dang! I hate sounding like one of those know-it-alls but I can remember having those old lids fall on my little fingers.

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