Our Whirlwind Week: The Fair

Sadly it seems the fair gets smaller and smaller each year.  I think it’s a victim of busy lives.  There weren’t many exhibits at the fair at all…I did take time to snap a few pictures of my favorites.

This mirror had brooches surrounding it…cute huh?

These little decorative outdoor art was really cute.  They are just made from a tin can.

In the 4-H division, these are the quilts going on to state.  Sadly, there were only about four other quilts in the competition.

These quilts were all made by sisters.  Their mom is a long armer.

There were a few more quilt type projects in the open class division.

There were a couple more, but all in all, there was very limited competition.

It was fun to see them but still a little sad that the amount of exhibits continues to decline.

3 thoughts on “Our Whirlwind Week: The Fair”

  1. Our fair was dwindling for quite some time. However, our fair director, Paula Martin, has worked very hard at building the fair back up. We are a small county but we have so much talent in our area it is unbelievable. I will be over the quilts this year. A little nervous about that, but will do my best.

  2. It’s that way here in our central NY county, too. Used to be racks of 4H clothing entries, this year there were 4. So very sad.

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