Our Weekend-Jen’s Bridal Shower

We had a busy weekend here.  The kids were home and with the help of the aunts on both sides of the family, hosted a bridal shower for Jen, our son Buck’s fiance.

In the photo are Kayla, Jen, Kalissa and Kelli.  Kalissa was in charge of decorations and they were all neon colored.  It  was cute.  Part of the decor was the sign in back that that said, “Soon to be Mrs. Kramer”.  There were neon Fruities on the table along with neon flowers and other neon decor.  It was cute.

We made Cream Cheese Bars (Buck’s favorite), Revel Bars,  ScotcheroosBroccoli Cauliflower Salad along with other goodies that I don’t have recipes on the blog for.  It was our first attempt at making turkey stuffing sandwiches.  They were good but I think we’ll try a different recipe next time.

Two weeks ago we had a shower for Jen’s side of the family…the shower’s are done now…the bachelorette/bachelor party is next…then WEDDING!!

After the kids left, I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon and evening cleaning up and getting the house back to normal.

We have more busy weekends ahead.  I feel like summer is FLYING by.

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