Our Trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company

If you’re a regular blog reader you might be aware that Kelli and I were gone for a couple days delivering the quilts for our book down to the folks at Kansas City Star.  Kelli and decided to deliver the quilts as we thought the gas to deliver the quilts ourselves wouldn’t cost much more than the postage to deliver them would.  We also have always wanted to visit Missouri Star Quilt Company and it was along the way.


If you’re a quilter you’ve likely heard of them…they are the people who made Daily Deals and Youtube quilting videos famous.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle happening on main street.  The quilt company actually has four stores (working on the fifth) full of fabric.  It’s all just a bit overwhelming…fabric, fabric and more fabric.  Shown above is the main store full of fabric and precuts.  Then there is the Civil War store, the solids store and the holiday fabrics store.  The fifth store is going to be for all of the batik fabrics.  There was construction going on in the building next to the solids store so we wondered if yet another building was going to be occupied by Missouri Star.

We just took pictures in the Civil War store….We loved this antique signature quilt.


They had a few cute displays.



The people working in the shops were super nice, friendly and welcoming.


Their main feature was fabric, fabric, fabric….


Can you believe I didn’t purchase a single thing???  I made a pact awhile ago with myself that I would only buy fabric to finish projects I had…and I stuck to it.  I am typically a sucker for patterns and quilting books but they really didn’t have much of that….mostly fabric.  I almost bought a wedge ruler but then I decided not to because somewhere in the bottom of my ruler drawer, I just might have one.  Besides, Kelli has a Dresden plate ruler that will likely work for the project that I am thinking of.

Kelli did by something but only one thing.  She bought a T-shirt with the company logo on it.

It was fun to see where all the great videos got their start and great to see what a families hard work could do for a small town.  We wish them all much success!!

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  1. I have been there twice now. Once a year ago and the next time was last April. The town has changed so much with their presence. They told us they own 12 buildings in town, 2 retreat places and another building just for the longarming business. They had 7 Gammills with computers, a person running each one, 2 shifts and 1 on saturday besides. 2 more longarms with computers were on order. They were quilting 60 quilts a week and were 6 weeks out at that time. We got to tour that building as well. It is amazing what quilting can do! Jenny and her whole family are so friendly. They even have quilting classes for their employees!

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