Our Small Town

I don’t often tell you about the wonderful little town that we are a soon to be a part of…  Waucoma, Iowa.

I think now that we’ll soon be actual resident of the of the town that I’ve come to love it even more.  I have to say that although it’s scenic with a river running through it and has a pretty riverside park it’s truly the people that make me love it most.

I’ve told you before that we have an awesome group of First Responders and Firemen…


-but I haven’t told you about some great individual people.

Do you remember all those floor boards we scrapped??

Most of the floor boards came for an area farm house that was slated to be torn down.  One of the people who live in town just gave them to us.  We’ve tried to pay him but he’s said no.  That’s cool.

I’ve yet to tell you about our awesome neighbors that live two doors down.  First off during the summer they stopped by with a much needed beer more than once.  Second – several times he’s had a day and even a week off from his work as a mailman and he’s come down and helped the carpenters.  We’ve asked for hours so we could pay him and we get none.  He just seems happy to help.  That’s cool.

Last week when I was in the post office I saw the city clerk.  She is a super fun and very sweet…she happens to catch my blog now and then and knows about my charity quilt work.  I was at the counter and she popped $40 into my hand.

I asked her what that was for and she told me that she appreciates that I do quilting for the charity quilts.  She said that she knows that it costs a lot of money to supply the batting, thread and shipping and just wanted to help out the cause.  How cool was that??

I just don’t know how to thank all of them and to tell them what their generosity means to me and Hubby.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time and time again….my favorite gifts are always unexpected gifts that were given simply out of kindness.  Words sometimes just aren’t enough but thanks!  THANKS a lot.

There are many more terrific people in town and we’re lucky that so many of them are part of our lives.

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