Our Quilts Made by YOU!!

I love getting pictures from blog readers that include photos of quilts that we designed.  Today I have three quilts that are being featured.

This one comes from Kathy S.  It’s our Fun and Games quilt.  I think this one is about the most popular pattern that people have sewn up.

I think it’s true for several reasons….it’s a relatively easy pattern.  It uses up lots of scraps.  Most people wouldn’t have to go out and buy fabric for it.  The quilt is small so it’s quick gratification too.

The June 2020 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting is the place to find the pattern.

This one was shared in Quiltville’s Open Studio by Beth…

She wrote:
I started this quilt a couple years ago and decided it needed to be finished during our Covid lockdown. It has over 2400 half square triangles made from miscellaneous solid reds and shirtings and the rails are from Jo Morton fabrics. I quilted in the ditch around every single piece. The pattern was in an issue of American Patchwork August 2016. One ufo done – a whole lot more to go.”

I smile every time I see this quilt.  When I designed it I had a bag of half-square bonus triangles that I was trying to use up.  There were somewhere around 300 of them.  I thought oh my this will use them up.  Well, it did, plus I needed to make a lot more.

Here is our version…StairStep-1
This is what the cover of the magazine looks like.

I have another quilt sent by a reader….this is from Gail.

She writes:
I felt a huge thrill when I first saw this quilt pattern and HAD to buy it right away. It was perfect for using various sizes of scrap fabrics. I did modify the pattern a bit as I wanted a larger quilt and I had some small squares I wanted to use up instead of using HSTs for the pieced sashing. I think it finished at about 50″ x 66″. I adore it and plan to make another one sometime. Thank you for this pattern!

Here are a few pics of the top before layering, along with my trusty sewing companion and quilt tester!

You can find the pattern in the September/October 2018 issue of Quiltmaker.  Quiltmaker used to have the magazine 100 Blocks.  This block was our contribution for one edition.  Later we took the block and made it into a quilt.

Ours is a little scrappier.  The magazine wrote the directions to seem like the quilt had to be paper pieced.  We didn’t paper piece the blocks.

Image result for quiltmaker september/october 2018

We made it much simpler.  Check out THIS BLOG POST where I explained the way we made our blocks.  That was such a fun quilt to make.

I’ve actually made two of the same quilts.  I made the original for a family friend.  They had a little girl and it was perfect….but I made it a few months in advance.  I ended up loving it and thought it would be great for a published quilt so I submitted it.  The magazine took it.  Well, that left me with no baby present as I wasn’t going to get it back from the publisher in time to gift it so I made another one.

A couple years later the family had another baby girl and I gifted the original one that was in the published magazine to her.  So the sisters have matching quilts from me.

I love sharing your versions of our quilts on the blog.  Often times I forget how many quilts I’ve actually made!!  Every time you send a pictures I am reminded.  THANKS a million for sending them.

If you made one of our quilts, I’d love to feature it on the blog.  You can send pictures to me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  If you don’t see your quilt in a couple of weeks feel free to send it again.  I’m a terrible manager of my email.  Everyone needs one character flaw..right?  Well, I have more but managing my email is one of them.  Thanks for understanding…and thanks for sending the photos.  I smile every time I see one.


5 thoughts on “Our Quilts Made by YOU!!”

  1. It is so fun to see the quilts other readers make from your patterns. They are almost as pretty as yours! Really they are as pretty and the makers must be thrilled with the results.

  2. I really like the Fun and Games quilt and enjoyed seeing Kathy’s version. Her Russell terrier is pretty cute too!

  3. Sara Blasingame

    I love all the quilts, the terrier, thebaby girl is so precious, and the cat. It is like the animals and the little girl are saying these are mine.

  4. Love seeing the quilts but I think it should be a requirement that the family pet has to be included on the quilt in order to be on the blog!!! LOL!!!

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