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I’m going to make a new regular feature here on the blog.  We have free pattern listed on the right sidebar of the the blog, we have a book Country Girl Modern, we have patterns in our online shop and we have pattern often featured in magazines.  We have so many of you taking those patterns and making them in your own way and your own style.  The new blog series will feature YOUR quilts made with from our designs.  We are so excited to be launching the new series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

Theresa shared her Brick House quilt.  She writes:

Your Brick House quilt inspired me to make my own.  I had been in a quilting slump but this got me started sewing again.  It isn’t quilted yet… I may add a couple of columns to make it a little bigger to fit my Queen-size bed.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Jackie writes:
I copied your Brickhouse pattern.  So much fun!  With all my scraps, I could make 20!  I am not sure what I will do with this one.”

Brick House has proven to be one of the most popular patterns that people have recreated.  I love seeing them all.  It truly is the perfect scrap quilt!

This came from Jenny in the UK.  It’s her version of our Fun and Games quilt.  She made it for the 1st birthday for a friend’s little girl.

It seems our scrappy quilts are popular.  I’ll have to keep that in mind as I design.  I know they are always popular with me but everyone is different as to their preferences.

Here’s a nod to another designer Becky at Quilted Twins…LaNan had seen a quilt I quilted for Kelli…this one.

It’s Becky’s design and you can find the free pattern HERE.  LaNan was inspired by Kelli’s and made one with her son’s shirts.  I love it!

This quilt is so awesome.  I can’t thank Becky enough for sharing her designs with us and for LaNan for sharing her quilt with us.  I have one cut out and it is on my UFO Dirty Dozen Challenge list.  I can’t wait to get to it!

Before you all go, I have a question for you.  This comes from blog reader Laurie…
Hi Jo – In a bag of fabric from Goodwill Outlet I found a stack of approximately 6 inch squares. It has a variety of fabric, but not cotton. some feels like polyester double knit, some is a really slinky polyester. Do you know of anyone who would be interested? The stack is about 4 inches high.

Does anyone have a need for polyester squares??  I can happily hook you us with Laurie.

I have more quilts in that readers have sent or were shared on our Facebook page.  If you have one you don’t mind sharing here on the blog send it to me at  We love to see what you’re up to that came about because of inspiration from the blog.  Are you cross stitching?  Did you make a quilt?  Did you try punchneedle as I think I’m going to be trying it again.  Did you try a recipe?  Share something that we inspired you to make or try.


13 thoughts on “Made by YOU!”

  1. Thanks for sharing my quilt. That’s a compliment too. You inspire me to use my scraps. My fabric purchasing has been limited…backings and maybe a fabric here or there to fill in but no big purchases. My scraps are almost to the point of being overwhelming!! Time to start sewing!!! Thanks again Jo!

  2. What a great idea for a new feature on your blog, Jo! It was so much fun to see these awesome quilts that your readers created. A lucky little girl received the colorful quilt from Jenny!

  3. Love your idea about sharing quilt made by us! I’m making the same one LaNan and Kelli made but it won’t be done for a bit. I made the Turtle Scones for breakfast this morning. Yummy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Marlene Clausen

    So many quilts, so little space. How about a # tag for instagram? By quilt name? We’d get to see so many more and all quilters LOVE more “show and tell.”

  5. The Penn Yan Sew Machine Shop Rt 14 A Penn Yan NY. take all kinds of fabric, if any one wants to send fabric to them. They make quilts with cottons and use non cotton for bags, sleeping bags and the like.
    Happy Creating.

  6. Love seeing the quilts! One suggestion—can you also share a link to the pattern? I like the Fun and Games quilt, and it looks like something I might make, but there is no reference to where the pattern can be found.

  7. I’m interested in the double knit polyester squares. My oldest son inherited a quilt made by his great grandma from double knit polyester. He very much wants me to make him another one, but I am having difficulty finding the old kind of double knit. All I come across is the really stretchy knit.

    I love the blue quilt and shirt quilt.

  8. Katherine Gourley

    I love your new feature. I have shopped at Quilted Twins and love them. The other day she had the loveliest baby bundle with little bears. I was tempted, but resisted because I have too many baby quilt kits and finished quilts.

  9. Jannette Binder

    For Laurie: In our part of s.w. Ontario, a group gets together a few times a year to make fidget blankets for folks with dementia and Alzheimer’s. They appreciate having all kinds of textures and fabrics (including velvet and fake fur!) for their blankets. (The fake fur can remind a person of a pet cat or dog!)
    Check to see if there’s a group like that near you.

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