Our Quilt Guild Adventure

I finally got my bags dragged in after Monday’s guild meeting. My daughter Kelli and I traveled north of here to Cresco, Iowa’s, Piece Makers Quilt Guild where we were the guest speakers talking a little about quilt blogs and how we got to be doing what we are doing plus a big showing of quilts.  If we go out speaking again, I’m going to prod Kelli into getting a few of her quilts finished up so she can show them and do a bit more of the talking.


Now I need to re-sort and get the quilts all put back where they go.  Before that, I think I am going to take some time and wash a few of them.  I don’t wash my quilts immediately after I finish making them.  I just let the get used and wash them when they need refreshing.  I am thinking I might need to change that plan.  After I got done showing my quilts last night, there were tiny little threads and fluff all over the floor where I had opened my quilts.  I felt bad about leaving the carpet that way but there was no way that I could clean it up.  I am hoping if I wash the ones that haven’t been washed yet, some of the threads and fluff will get caught in the dryer’s lint trap and that will cure the problem a bit.

I had hoped to have lots of pictures to show you of the guild ladies great sewing projects…but alas, I forgot my camera AGAIN.  I honestly think that it’s time for me to get a phone with a good camera.  That’s twice in the last month that I was camera-less.  (Can you tell that I am working on convincing myself that I need a phone upgrade?)

The ladies at the guild were super nice and very welcoming.  It was really a fun trip.

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