Our Poor Lawn

I’ve told that we have been getting rain and rain and rain.  Luckily in my area we haven’t gotten as much rain as they have south of us but we still have too much.

Typically around here we have to mow the lawn every 6 days or so if we get timely rains and the sun shines.  This time around..it’s been 10 days.  It’s not because we were lazy or busy.  We just couldn’t.  Either it was raining or we were afraid we’d get stuck.  Finally on Tuesday, I mowed.


It was a muddy mess.  Look at the mud tracks.  Normally we have a nice looking lawn.  UGH.


Forecast for us is that we are suppose to have two rain free days and then we are back into a rainy weather pattern.

Hubby’s boss planted two new trees this year.  I am worried that they are going to drown.

The guys have their alfalfa hay crop that needs to be harvested but with the rains we just aren’t sure when that can happen.

If you’re like me you might be wondering how this all effects the house in town…not good.  We got word today that workers will either be there on Thursday…or Monday.  Who knows which Thursday or which Monday.  At this point I am honestly about done wasting time hoping.  For now I am just going to try to get in the garden sometime before we get rain again…my weeds are really growing.

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