Our Photo Shoot for “Country Girl Modern”

Yep you read that right…we have a title for our new quilt book, “Country Girl Modern”….and we love it.  It is really an appropriate reflection of the quilts we’ve included in the book.  The quilts are not super modern…but more modern than we’ve been.  We love the title as we’re just country girls.

Anyway…want to see some sneak peaks at the photo shoot.  Of course I can’t show you everything…but I can show you a few things…  It’s Kelli holding a quilt while the team is getting everything set up to shoot the pictures.  We were at a pumpkin patch farm.  They had lots of old rustic buildings and equipment that we took advantage of.

Photo-Shoot- - Copy

This is Kelli and our editor Jenifer Dick.  She’s in charge of the My Stars division of Kansas City Star quilts.  She is our editor and now, we can finally put a name with a face.  Sorry this isn’t a better picture so you could put a name with a face too.  Let me just say, Jenifer is wonderful.

Photo-Shoot-1 - Copy

This is Aaron our photographer and Sarah our designer.  Sarah takes the pictures that Aaron takes, along with the pattern instructions and makes it all into a book with the layout that you see.  I asked her how long it takes and she says typically two weeks.

Photo-Shoot-2 - Copy

The farm cat, Tilly, followed us everywhere.  She apparently loves quilts!!

Photo-Shoot-3 - Copy

We were often calling Tilly to come to us.  Luckily she did.  We did get her to pose for one shot though….we’ll see if that picture makes it into the book.

Photo-Shoot-4 - Copy

It was so cold and rain threatened all morning.  It kept us on task.  We wanted the quilts photographed before the rain.  Oh no a rain drop…ah…just a drop.  Hurry-hurry.

It was really cool.  In the lower 50’s.  None of us were really prepared for the weather.  Kelli, of course, volunteered to be a quilt holder.  Most of the time she would be snuggled up in one.

Photo-Shoot-5 - Copy

We were done ahead of schedule.  It was the hurrying because of the rain.  We said good-bye to the quilts and headed north to Kansas City.  We won’t see the quilts again until Spring Quilt Market and they won’t be home with us until late May of next year.  They are going with Jenifer.  Her and Aaron will meet again to do take the flat photograph shots for the book.

We are so in awe of how all this works.  We learn so much as we go.  We never thought we’d be doing this but so-so glad that we are.

Thanks for traveling through this journey with us!!

Remember the book will be coming out in February.  That suddenly doesn’t seem that far away!!

15 thoughts on “Our Photo Shoot for “Country Girl Modern””

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to getting her hands on thiis book! And I have so many I’ve sworn off buying any more…but this one will be the exception.

  2. How fun was that?! Thanks for giving us a peek! I am so excited for y’all – don’t you just want to pinch yourself? Making room on my shelf for a new book in February! :)

  3. Elizabeth McDonald

    WOO HOO! This is beyond exciting, and I am so happy for you both! What an amazing journey you are on, and how sweet and generous to share the excitment with your blog readers.

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