Our Pattern-Reader’s Quilt: Meet in the Middle

The two most used free patterns on the blog continue to be Jimmy John and Meet in the Middle.  Both are patterns that can use pre-cuts and that makes them very fast.  You can find these two patterns and many more on the right hand column of the blog.

Today I have a couple fun photos to show you of a reader’s Meet in the Middle quilt.  Lisa E writes, “Hi Jo and Kelli, I have just completed a quilt from your Meet in the Middle pattern.  What a wonderful pattern, thanks so much for sharing it! ”

…and thanks to you for sharing your version.  I love it.  I have been curious how the background would look with a different color and you rocked it!!  It is awesome.  I can see that the quilt can easily be made to look more “boyish”.
Here’s another fun thing that Lisa did…  Check out this back!

strippy quilt back edit
How cute is that?!??!

Thank you…thank you for sharing your version with us.  We really truly love to see how readers make our designs.  I am inspired to make another!

2 thoughts on “Our Pattern-Reader’s Quilt: Meet in the Middle”

  1. I just used this pattern for a charity quilt. I had to adapt the size because the size they want is only 45 by 45 inches. I loved making this and I think it came out really cute! How do I send you a picture?

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