Our Next Stitch Along and a SALE!

I recently finished up our stitch-along. It was Kind Words Never Die from Heartstring Samplery.

It was a fun stitch and I’m so happy I stitched it. I fully finished mine this weekend and will be showing that off to you soon.

With the finish of one, it’s time to announce the next stitch along. This one comes from Jeannette Douglas. Well, it’s actually three from Jeannette Douglas. This stitch-along is fun in that you can pick, one, two, or all three charts to stitch. We are offering.
Chubby Bunny, Chubby Bird, and Chubby Fox.

The first of the series was Chubby Bunny. It came out at market, last year I believe. I had wanted to stitch it but then decided to wait as I thought it would be a fun project for the stitch along. Well…as spring came around this year, we realized that Jeannette Douglas had come out with some other “chubby” patterns. Liz and I couldn’t decide which to offer so we decided to offer all three. You can pick which one you want to stitch.

I, of course, couldn’t decide which one to stitch so I decided to stitch all three.

They are so cute and I’ll have the Bunny and Bird for my Spring dough bowl and the Fox for my Fall dough bowl. I think they are so cute.

Remember the frame from Dollar General that I bought for finishing Kind Words Never Die? Well, I think that would work for this project as well. I plan to finish one of the projects with one of those frames.

I also bought a tart pan from Amazon that I might use for finishing. You can see them HERE.

I think you would need to stitch on 40 count linen to make the frame and tart pan work for finishing.

Another finishing idea is this…Liz finished hers like this. Isn’t it a cute big strawberry? There are many ways to finish these. The one you see below is Chubby Bird.

These little charts use a lot of different threads but only use a tiny amount of the thread. Liz was so good and made up thread cards for our stitching. This way you can get all the threads without having to buy full skeins. It makes stitching the projects more affordable!!

I love that Liz went through all the work to do that.

For ordering, you can go HERE. You will need to get the chart of your choice, the thread pack for your project, and the linen. I have a lot of linen scraps to use up so I think I’m going to do that…I haven’t decided for sure.

Here’s the good news, these will ship right away. Liz has everything ready and wants to get the packages out before they leave for Spring Needlework Market in Nashville at the end of the month. We’ll start stitching on March 1st. That will give everyone plenty of time to get their order.

There is even more good news. Liz is having a Superbowl Sale at the shop. If you order on Sunday the 10th, you get 20% off. YAHOO!! Who doesn’t love a sale??

I didn’t know about the sale and ordered a couple of weeks ago. I ordered this cute new one from With Thy Needle and Thread.

I ordered this one too. I think both will be perfect for my dough bowl.

I have to admit…I might order a couple of things that have been on my wish list…or maybe some thread to stitch these…Hmm. The store is so big and so full of goodies. 20% off is so-so tempting!!

My Sunday plan is to do a cross stitch organization and maybe put in an order…just a little one??! We’ll see.

I hope you’ll stitch along with me and stitch the Chubby Bird, Chubby Bunny, or Chubby Fox. I think I’ll start with the Chubby Bunny so I have it for my Spring dough bowl. If you missed the link to order, you can find it HERE. Which is your favorite??

9 thoughts on “Our Next Stitch Along and a SALE!”

  1. Jo, I chuckled when I read about the stitch along. I started chubby bunny after Christmas. I have the bunny done and am working on the surrounding “vine” and flowers. It’s a lot of few stitches of one color and then switch to a different color. So it’s best to have a needle minder with several needles already threaded on it. I do like the chubby bird. So I’ll order that.

  2. These are all such cute projects. I am so tempted, but need to think about it. I really like how Liz finished her piece. Thank you and Liz for coordinating this SAL.

  3. I love the piece you finished. It’s so pretty. I’m going to order the bunny and the bird. They are so sweet. I’d like to finish mine like the strawberry, like Liz did. I’ll order tomorrow. Thank you for the information. Hugs,

  4. Thanks for telling us about the sale at Stitchery Nook. I was able to get several charts I’ve wanted for a while and 1/2 yard of linen. Always appreciate their low shipping charges too. Such a great store!

  5. Hi Jo! Thanks for letting us know about the SAL and the sale! I was able to get the discount! I chose Chubby Bunny, but I really love Chubby Bird too! I really wanted the Brenda Gervais spring chart too but it was out of stock. Looking forward to the SAL!

  6. How perfect – I bought the Chubby Bunny pattern last year and have been itching to make it. So far all I have is the chart, so I’ll pick up the linen and floss now. How wonderful that she put together thread packets! I hate buying a whole skein for one thread of stitching. Thanks for having these stich alongs!!
    Kathy H in California

  7. Hi Jo, I bought all three patterns, too, and got my floss yesterday, so am ready to go. I also bought the Tis Spring pattern. Thanks for setting up the stitch along. Best wishes as you go through your treatment.

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