Our Latest Quilt in Quiltmaker

If you get a digital subscription to Quiltmaker, you have likely already gotten the new issue for July/August.

We got an advanced issue a week or so ago because we have a quilt in the issue. (Photos courtesy of Quiltmaker)  This is Irish Stars.  It’s a big quilt, 94 1/2″ x 94 1/2″.

Irish Stars
I designed the quilt latest year.  Kelli sewed it in February over a three day or so period.  At that time we were working on things for the wedding and trying to the quilts made our new book.  It was frantic.

We got the quilt back from Quiltmaker a few weeks ago.  We both were in awe when we saw it.  Neither of us really remembered what it looked like?!?!

Honestly the process went a little like this.  In mid January we were told they needed the quilt March 1st.  We tried to find a day for us to go and pick out fabric when we were asked by Quiltmaker if we’d picked out fabric.  We said no so they offered to contact Andover Fabrics and get some Jo Morton prints for us.

We got the fabric mid February…I met Kelli half way between my house and her house to get the fabric to her..the Kelli went into action.  I got the back and binding pieced.  Three days later we met again at the half way point so I could get the top and quilt it.  I quilted it one day – bounded it the next and sent it off.  It’s crazy like that sometimes!!

As I said the fabric is from Andover Fabrics and all are Jo Morton prints.  I thought I would pass along the numbers just in case anyone wanted to make one in these exact colors….
Dark Blue   A-7463-YC
Light blue/gray   A-7458-B
Gold    A-5328-Y
Light  P0260-5882-N

We are in love with this quilt…that can be a problem though.  She loves it….I love it…Hmm??  Who’s house is going to get to keep the quilt.  We both have plenty of quilts.  We’re thinking about flipping a coin.  I’m thinking maybe I’ll just let her have it.

A quilt just isn’t a quilt around here unless it’s been christened by my beagle Ruby…so here’s the Ruby picture.


We love our quilt but we also love Bonnie Hunter’s quilt that is featured in the magazine…It’s the cover quilt.


Speaking of the cover…look at the front.  I mean really look at the front and read the words…”5 Star Quilt from Quilting Superstars…and it lists Jo and Kelli Kramer”  My oh my…that was cool to see.  I really don’t think we’re “Quilting Superstars” but it sure was fun to see it in print.

We’ll be hooking up with all these fun places on Friday……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom FridaysMichelle’s Romantic Tangle and Crazy Mom Quilts.

25 thoughts on “Our Latest Quilt in Quiltmaker”

  1. WOW!!! Seeing your names on the cover page with your quilt, must be mind blowing and so beyond cool. It wouldn’t be a proper quilt photo without Ruby, she looks so regal like beagle royalty. I think she needs a tiara for future photos. ;-> Please give Ruby and your grand puppies all a pet from me. Toni Anne ;->

  2. If the two of you can get a quilt that large pieced, quilted, and bound in a WEEK, while working on the wedding AND a book, then, yes, you ARE superstars! (I apologize for the shouting.) Awesome quilt, ladies.

  3. Congrats on your beautiful quilt. You guys work very well under pressure…awesome! I can’t wait to get my copy. Your names on the cover of a magazine has to be a “pinch me” moment.

  4. YEP! I agree with Tina. . .a quilt superstar isn’t just your name on a cover, or a book deal, or a blog. . .a quilt superstar is someone who gives to others! Your charity quilt work alone makes you a QUILT SUPERSTAR in my book!

  5. Well, now I have to go get the magazine for sure, a double delight, both my favorite quilter in one issue. I like the digital copies but there is something about having the hard copy folded to the right page, sitting on the table while I sew. Love your quilt and wow, amazing production time. It sure doesn’t look rushed, looks just as gorgeous as if it took all year. Eagerly awaiting your book.

  6. I was already wanting this magazine after seeing Bonnie’s quilt. But seeing yours now too!!! Wow. I have to track this one down. Y’all did a great job!

  7. Congrats! A quilting Superstar!! Awesome! I do agree – you have some gorgeous quilt ideas, most are with simple units and the work is all in the fabric choice. Super Star!! Thank you for sharing your success!

  8. I LOVE this quilt! Have to get the magazine! can’t wait to see your book! Hoping it has lots of stars! ( they are my favorite!) Great work, love the fabric choice too.. then again can one ever go wrong with Jo Morton fabrics? :)

  9. Got my digital issue of Quilt Maker two days ago, and instantly fell in love with your quilt!!! Your designs are so fresh – they aren’t like anyone else’s!! Love Jo Morton’s fabrics, too! They’re my favorites when it comes to civil war reproductions. My favorite local quilt shop is Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit Missouri, and they carry TONS of her fabrics. Makes me want to go shopping right now. Congratulations to you and Kelli.

  10. Another great design! A friend is running out tomorrow and buying fabric for this quilt. That says a lot as she has been on a buying diet for a while now. Congratulations on a job well done! You girls rock!

  11. Congratulations! You are such a nice person, that I am just so happy to see your work recognized. It’s a beautiful quilt and I am amazed how fast you two can work. I once asked how you do so much and you did reply to it, but I am still amazed. I don’t think I ever asked how much sleep you average, though. Again, fantastic job, fantastic quilt!

  12. Your and Kelli’s quilt is beautiful! Congrats on getting it featured in the magazine and getting the recognition on the front cover. You both deserve it! Ruby looks like she likes it too.

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